[RESCHEDULED] POP’s Winter Holidays Party!


The times are now:
31st December, 2016 | 8:30pm EST – 7:30pm CST
1st January, 2017 | 9:30am HKT – 12:30am AEDT

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Hey guys, Icey here! The POP team is announcing our first party, to celebrate winter holidays (summer holidays for some). Since some people don’t celebrate Christmas or Hanukkah, winter is what the party is for 😛

Details on the party:



  • TIME : 🕑 31st December,2016 | 8:30pm EST– 7:30pm CST – 1st January, 2017 | 9:30am HKT – 12:30am AEDT (for more timezones, click here)
  • CHATROOM :💬 Make a Discord account when you join the People of PoptropiChat. There you can chat with other attenders of the party! Make sure you follow #rules though.
  • MULTIVERSE ROOMS :🎉 The multiverse codes will be posted in the chatroom on the party day ^ Have fun playing Poptropica with other party attenders!
  • THEME :❄️ Winter! Make sure to design your winter outfits before coming, and look festive!

We’ll also be holding a Best Winter Costume contest for people who join the multiverse rooms! The results will be posted in the chatroom. During the party in the chatroom, we will also hold mini-games such as ‘random doodling’ (see who can draw an item the fastest) etc.

Remember to be nice to other party attenders, and please don’t spam during the party! We hope to see you there! 😀

Until the party,

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1.3k Views and joining the PBN!

Hey guys. I was supposed to post a 1K post, but well, it’s too far gone and we’ve already reached 1.3K. Thanks, everyone! 😀

Now, the only reason why I mentioned pageviews is that we used to have about 3K pageviews before we were hacked, (read our story), and we’d really like to restore what we had achieved before, and be a successful blog. Doesn’t really help that we’re not very active either 😛

Anyways, we’re also now part of the PBN! Here’s what the Poptropica Bloggers Network is about.

The Poptropica Bloggers Network consist of multiple blogs run by your follow Poptropicans! We work together to help each other when needed. The PBN will sometimes even host events that run across multiple of our blogs!

Be sure to check it out here! 🙂 And check out the sites that are listed there as well?

Fashion Friday Week 9: Harry Potter Pt.2

Another revival of a weekly specials segment. Guess what it is! It’s in the title.

Guess I’m kind of out of it today…


People of.png

Ah yes, my favourite Weekly Specials segment! 😛 It’s my favourite because (almost) the whole team takes part in in. (sorry for the late post. I had an activity today.)

This week is a continuation of the most recent one we did, Harry Potter Pt.1. Let’s get right into it!

Zany Panda- Luna Lovegood

li.pngHair: Found in New You and is very common in common rooms. It’s one of the few costumizable hairs that look acceptable 😛

Lips: Is costumizable from any Poptropican and is also quite common. Check your friends’ closets!

Dress: Also found in New You, keep switching the outfits till you find it!

Sword: (an alternate wand) Can be found in the Store, the Amazonian Woman card, which costs 0 credits.

(She made this costume before she left)

Friendly Foot- Cho Chang


Hair: Can be found on the Gamer Girl card in the store, which costs 0 credits.

Smile: Found on any Poptropican! Any smile works too.

Scarf: Can be found on any Poptropican, or in the closet of rainbow2426.

Shirt and skirt: Also can be found on any Poptropican. The shirt can be found in the closet of slantedfish.

For easier access to this whole costume (except the hair) simply friend chochangpop10 and costumize.

Friendly Foot- Severus Snape

Hair: Keep switching the dummies on New You and get this hair.screenshot_83

Frown: Any frown works! Just make sure it’s the most displeased one you find.

Robes: Not sure where to find them, but they can be costumized from severussnapepop10.

Again, to make things easier, simply friend severussnapepop10 and costumize the whole costume.

Alright, that’s it for our Harry Potter costume line! Comment requests for future costume lines, and opinions on this one, down below! We appreciate feedback 🙂 We hope you  enjoyed this line and perhaps you guys can use these costumes some day!

Check out Harry Potter Pt. 1 here!
Check out our previous Fashion Friday weeks here!

Until next time,

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Topping Tuesday: Top 5 ASGs

Hey guys! It’s time to revive the weekly specials. The first one will be…

Wait for it….

Drumroll please….


That’s right, Topping Tuesdays! This segment was fairly new before the blog died, so, not much of a surprise. Lol.

Anyway, for this week it’s Top 5 ASGs. If you don’t know what an ASG is (which is very rare), check our page out! Btw, this list is based on ASGs that are on the PHB’s ASG page, not including the hundreds of other ASGs that others have created.

This list is based on the stylishness of the costume parts, rareness of the costume and/or the hand motions and is entirely in my own opinion. Enjoy! 😉


5. soy40


This ASG is definitely stylish- to me anyway. Even if the outfit doesn’t quite match, the crown-air is easily one of the best hairs of poptropica.

In fact, I would be using this hair as well, if it weren’t for the fact that I definitely do not deserve a crown, and well, I prefer longer hair 😛

I also like the football in this ASG. I personally have no interest in football and have never properly played it, and probably never will (quite the opposite of my class really, they argue about Ronaldo and Messi on a daily basis), but that poptropican-style football is cute.


4. ASGbyEvra#1


Well, well, well- an ad ASG. I usually don’t pay attention to ads unless it’s for a blog post, but dang, this costume is good.

The hair is cute, a refreshing change, black hair with neon pink highlights, and antennas as well.

The wings are not as good, though. They don’t quite fit as poptropican-style.

But, that doesn’t really matter when you notice the skirt- pretty unique, with a night-view-city-sky view, the first of its style I’ve seen on poptropica.


3. Slenderman


The creepiest of the creepy: Slenderman! The internet horror story.

This ASG is unique in the fact that it has no eyes, or facial features (apart from eye sockets) much like the myth of Slenderman (though he doesn’t have eye sockets either.).

This ASG also unique in the fact that it is almost completely appearance-accurate, when placed beside pictures of the myth. (Apart from the obvious, the eye sockets and the tie colour, although those don’t matter much.) Poptropican community members who make costumes usually find it difficult to make completely accurate as Poptropica has a very limited collection of costume parts.


2. Pumpkinhead5


I’m not even entirely sure why I put this ASG on the list. I guess this truly proves that I have no sense in colour/fashion 😛

People wouldn’t usually describe bright, neon orange as an aesthetic colour, but in this case, I do. I don’t know why. perhaps it’s because of the yellow eye-and-mouth things, or the ivy on the clothes.

Which makes me remember that I really like the ivy, it’s quite a nice and refreshing design. Looks like the doodling techniques I know I’ll never be able to master :’)



1. WKF_ASG_AN-princess (includes fire hands)


Well, the reason I love this ASG and put it as first is very obvious: Fire is and has always been my chosen element (even though I’m White ICE), especially since I’m a wildfire, the fire hands are very fitting for me. (Also reminds me of Ghost Rider 😉 )

Alright, fire hands aside, the clothes design is also nice, especially the scarf around her (non-existent) neck. I also used the shirt for my poptropican halloween costume this year (remember Cyclopice? haha), and the flowing fabric bit is similar to my scarf.



Well, that concludes this week’s list! Any recommendations for the list for next week? 🙂 Comment your opinions on this post and recommendations down below!

Until next time,

-White Ice :whiteice~2:

Poptropica Art Contest? Poptropica Art Contest.

Hey guys! Icey again, announcing another piece of news, except this time it’s much more interesting!

As you probably guessed from the title, yes, Poptropica is holding yet again another Poptropica art contest, except this one is very different from the unlimited contest they held back in summer.


This one is designing a poptropican style costume for the Poptropica Store. If you win, it will actually end up in the Poptropica Store! Kind of reminds me of the user-inspired-items that fantage has every once in a while.

  1. You can submit up to 3 entries, each can include a male/female version or maybe a different colour/slight style variation for the entry. (Click here for a costume template)
  2. You can draw your designs by the traditional way, by hand, or by computer (perhaps a drawing tablet).
  3. You have up to 31st December, 2016 to submit your costume designs.
  4. You can only use Twitter, Facebook and Instagram to submit your entries. For Twitter and Instagram, use the hashtag #MyPoptropicaCostume (Twitter) (Instagram)And for Facebook, simply post your picture here. For those who do nnot have social media accounts, simply ask you parents to post for you or ask a fellow Poptropican on Discord to do that.
  5. Remember to include your Poptropican name and (not required) age to your picture/post!

To see the original post by Skinny Moon on the Poptropica blog, click here.

Hopefully I will make an entry soon, but seeing all those amazing entries on discord, I probably don’t stand a chance 😥 What about you guys? Will you enter as well? 🙂 Leave your replies below!

Until next time,

White Ice :whiteice~2:

The Ad that Paid Poptropica a Lot Extra


Hey guys! We’re back from our long hiatus! Have you noticed the fab new header, background, theme, favicon, and some new members to the team?! Well, I sure have! (is it bad that I’m highkey proud of that header that I just finished making?) I’ll let the new authors have their intro posts later.

Anyway, it’s time for another Poptropica Ad! This time a lot different, as Home Island got a full makeover too. Seems that Disney paid Poptropica a lot more than usual for this particular ad. I guess they’re trying to make Moana as big a hit as Frozen was? Maybe this tactic will work, maybe it won’t.


Get it? Get it? The first letter of my real name is M! (bad joke, I know)

Anyway, back to Moana, will be in theaters on 23rd November (for the US anyway),the first Polynesian princess Disney has gotten. The Home Island makeover for it is quite stylish, although not my type of thing. Perhaps this is why Poptropica decided to make a ‘beach’ theme, even though it’s the middle of autumn for those who live in the Northern Hemisphere. (Poptropica logic, amiright?)

And finally, the actual ad entrance:


Courtesy of former POP author, Lucky Joker (later photos as well)

Inside, the first game is basically another dodging game, where you are on a raft and have to avoid obstacles such as rocks, seaweed, and whirlpools. You have five lives, as represented by the sailboats at the top of your screen, and you’ll have to complete the entire game without losing all your five lives, or you won’t get the game prizes. Not such a hard task, eh?

Anyway, here are the game prizes:

Poptropica Disney Moana Ad prize cards 1.png

Water Power (which you see Moana use in the trailer) and a Hei Hei Hat.

There still is another game; A timed search, (another overused ad game) where you have to find all the missing parts to Moana’s canoe in 2 mintues. You only need to find 4 parts. (For 2 minutes???)


The prizes are a Pua Follower, and Water Burst.

And that concludes another very boring ad, but hopefully not-as-boring movie! At least we got a slight change in the ad, a whole makeover.

Are you looking forward to Moana? Do you think it will be a better movie than Frozen? (Well, I don’t go to the cinema for animation moves anymore, but that doesn’t mean it’s not worth it…)

Until next time,

– White Ice :whiteice~2:


October’s islands of the month… (And Fail Fashion outfits)

Hey guys, it’s Cycopice. And as you’ve all heard, the Islands of the Month for October are….

Wait for it…

Drumroll please…

Aaaand here they are…

Monster Carnival Island and Mythology Island!

If you don’t know what Islands of the Month is, it’s basically two islands featured that earn you more credits during that month. For first-time finishers, you get 500 credits for playing these two islands, and for repeat-finishers(credits given once for each island only), you get 300 credits. Unfair for old Poptropicans, eh?

I didn’t like either of them. Monster Carnival was too simple(like most SUIs, unfortunately…) and Mythology was too… Uhm, basic I guess? I just didn’t like it. And maybe the Percy Jackson series put me off of Greek Mythology for a while(that series sucks, m8).

To be honest, I was quite surprised.

Since this month’s theme is Halloween (duh.), Monster Carnival was a pretty obvious choice (but they still could have chosen Zomberry, Ghost Story or Vampire’s Curse instead.). But Mythology? Maybe they want to educate little kids more. I don’t know. But still not really a great choice.

Anyway, if you wanna complete the islands, here are the official walkthroughs by Poptropica:

If you prefer a written walkthrough of Monster Carnivalcheck this out!

Anyway, anyone visited the store recently and found something new? I did! The new set of Fall Fashion outfits.


Ah yes, they’re very… Interesting, to say  the least.

Only 3 and 4(girls) seem worth buying (out of the girls’ ones). 3 because of the ombre hair, and that top looks slightly interesting, and 4 because of the headphones.

And look out for the new members-only items coming out soon! Unfortunately, I’m not a member. Sad life. Oh, and of course, the new Halloween items that the person in front of the store spoiled for us that are coming out next week! Isn’t that exciting?!  


What a spoiler! Shame on her! 

Has everyone made their halloween costumes yet? 😛

Would you buy any of them? Leave your opinions on both Islands of the Month and outfits below!

Until next time,

Cyclopice (Icey)