Fashion Friday: Week 2

Hey everyone! Welcome to the second line of costumes of Fashion Friday! I’m Lucky Joker, and let’s get into it!

DC Heroes and Villains:

Half of the team and I have gathered various items throughout Poptropica to create these inspired looks based off a few DC Heroes and villains!

Lucky Joker – Cyborg

POP Blog Fashion Fridays Week 2

Head: A bald head is easy to obtain on Poptropica. No need to reveal your concealed baldness, after organising a secret organisation, stealing the hair of innocent Poptropicans and threatening to ravish all of the hair of Poptropica. All you have to do is go to Cryptids Island and costumize as the guy standing in front of the General Store holding the soccer ball.

Face: ASG the mechanic face with- BinaryBard97 ASGing the mechanic face will be the first thing you want to do, then costumize the Binary Bard costume away. Any frown works for this.

Body: The shoulder wear and “shirt” can be obtained from the Game Show Robot in the store. The pants can be found on the Midnight Red Ninja in the store for a limited time only!

White Ice – Black Canary'nRWNB

Head: The bangs are on the Vampire Girl 3 costume and the locks are on the Vampire Girl 1 costume.

Face: The luscious lip gloss is on the Prom Queen outfit available in the store.

Body: The leather jacket can be obtained from the Biker Girl outfit in the store. The Black pants can be added from anywhere.  And the top can be found on the Vampire Countess costume.

*Colourizing is optional, but highly recommended in order to achieve the look!

Dangerous Eye – Super Girlpopsenpai

Head: The bands are on the Prom Queen costume, and the hair is found on the Vampire Costume 1.

Face: The blush is found on the Cheerleader outfit, and the lipstick can be found on the female Zaggy Moondust outfit.

Neck: The red cape is available in “Masks and Capes” on Super Power Island.

Body: The shirt can be costumized from any given Poptropican on say, Early Poptropica Island. Reload and reload your screen to find it. The skirt is also found on the Cheerleader outfit.

Red Thunder -Scarecrow


Head: (Not shown in the picture) Costumize as the man in front of the General Store, on Cryptids Island, as we did before.

Face: This is from the scarecrow in the store.

Body: You can costumize this suit from Harold Mews, the billionaire inhabiting the mansion, on Cryptids Island. You will have to complete just a tidbit of the island to do so, but not much. A full written walkthrough with pictures can be found on the PHB!

Silver Tornado – Harley Quinnpopsenpai

Head: This is obtained, when you buy the “Cheerleader” in the store.

Face: You’re going to need to colourize your skin to be white. Get the eye makeup from “Vampire Girl 1”. The lips are worn by one of our authors, Zany Panda. Her username is UnitatoGirl, so feel free to add her!

Neck: For this, we’re just going to ignore the fact that Poptropicans don’t have necks. You can acquire this awesome choker by adding Zany Panda on Poptropica. You can also get this from Sickly Skull on Reality TV Island if you want to.

Body: This defiant top can be costumized from the Devil Girl costume. The purple skirt can be found in the “New You”. The belt can also be found on Zany Panda.

Hand: The bat is from the Baseball Batter currently available in the store.


I hope you all like these costumes and decide to give them a try! Which one is your favourite? Let me know in the comments! This is Lucky Joker saying, POP on!:)


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