Poptropica Art Contest? Poptropica Art Contest.

Hey guys! Icey again, announcing another piece of news, except this time it’s much more interesting!

As you probably guessed from the title, yes, Poptropica is holding yet again another Poptropica art contest, except this one is very different from the unlimited contest they held back in summer.


This one is designing a poptropican style costume for the Poptropica Store. If you win, it will actually end up in the Poptropica Store! Kind of reminds me of the user-inspired-items that fantage has every once in a while.

  1. You can submit up to 3 entries, each can include a male/female version or maybe a different colour/slight style variation for the entry. (Click here for a costume template)
  2. You can draw your designs by the traditional way, by hand, or by computer (perhaps a drawing tablet).
  3. You have up to 31st December, 2016 to submit your costume designs.
  4. You can only use Twitter, Facebook and Instagram to submit your entries. For Twitter and Instagram, use the hashtag #MyPoptropicaCostume (Twitter) (Instagram)And for Facebook, simply post your picture here. For those who do nnot have social media accounts, simply ask you parents to post for you or ask a fellow Poptropican on Discord to do that.
  5. Remember to include your Poptropican name and (not required) age to your picture/post!

To see the original post by Skinny Moon on the Poptropica blog, click here.

Hopefully I will make an entry soon, but seeing all those amazing entries on discord, I probably don’t stand a chance 😥 What about you guys? Will you enter as well? 🙂 Leave your replies below!

Until next time,

White Ice :whiteice~2:


Look at all the people that can draw! -Pop Art Contest Finalists

Yo yo yo Poptropicans! It’s me, Red Thunder. Yeah, boring intro FTW!

Hey cool look, 2 tags! I couldn’t decide between the 2. So, uh, yeah pop art finalists. I didn’t bother to draw or enter because…1.I already have membership so there would be no point and…2.I am literally the worst drawer ever. But enough with me. I’m gonna let you look at this pop art. (Man this post is boring. The only good thing about it is the art.)