Theoretical Thursday: Origin of Poptropica PT 1

Hey Poptropicans! It’s me DE, the newest PoP author, and I’ve been doing a lot of blogposts getting ready for you guys. Just so happens I’m doing this too, and the Fashion Friday😀 and my new series which is coming out on Monday at 12:00 AM CST! So be ready for all that, but here is the Origins of Poptropica!

Origin of Poptropica
Part 1: The Creation
In the First World, there was only the Creator, a lonely man, with only three possessions, clothing, food, and a hammer named Svadilfari, which had the Creator’s power bestowed on it, creation at its finest.

The Creator himself was very civilized himself, but had a very uncivilized look. The Creator soon created the First World, the First Island, which was therefore named Mythology Island. The Island of Mythology, was created as a sleeping home for the Creator. As the Creator grew lonely he created three new races, the first, were the Gods, they were the most like the Creator and could create full civilizations by themselves.

Next were the Genies, they could create anything all it took was a wish, therefore they’re power was locked in lamps, and limited to three wishes for everyone.
Finally were the humans, who could create anything if they put their mind to it. That’s how the humans became what we call the First Fathers of Poptropica, because of how they advanced civilization. At this point the First World was not Poptropica.
Afterwards, the Creator created two more islands, what is now known as Arabian Nights Island, and an unknown island to man, where the Creator would often sleep. But his creation was not finished, the first humans and genies traveled to Arabian Nights and created civilization there as well, and better lamps to concentrate the genies. As this all happened, the Creator himself fell asleep, allowing for a long creation period of a new world

I hope you enjoyed that theory! This is actually a pretty long theory, so it will have to be divided up! But I hope you liked it, and until next time, POP on!


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