Behind The Scenes Of… Poptropolis Games!

Hi guys! Friendly Foot here, and I’m here to update you and some cool news posted on the Poptropica Creators Blog!

Skinny Moon shows us awesome drawings Poptropolis Games when the Creators were starting to, well, create it. Here a few of the sketches…

Pretty detailed, don’t you think? Plus, Skinny Moon tells us about something called a style guide that all the Creators need to follow to develop the island. This is the one for Poptropolis Games, one of the IOTM…

Remember, you only have today and tomorrow to finish it to wins extra credits! See ya!

:friendlyfoot~1: -Friendly Foot


1.3k Views and joining the PBN!

Hey guys. I was supposed to post a 1K post, but well, it’s too far gone and we’ve already reached 1.3K. Thanks, everyone! 😀

Now, the only reason why I mentioned pageviews is that we used to have about 3K pageviews before we were hacked, (read our story), and we’d really like to restore what we had achieved before, and be a successful blog. Doesn’t really help that we’re not very active either 😛

Anyways, we’re also now part of the PBN! Here’s what the Poptropica Bloggers Network is about.

The Poptropica Bloggers Network consist of multiple blogs run by your follow Poptropicans! We work together to help each other when needed. The PBN will sometimes even host events that run across multiple of our blogs!

Be sure to check it out here! 🙂 And check out the sites that are listed there as well?

Fashion Friday Week 9: Harry Potter Pt.2

Another revival of a weekly specials segment. Guess what it is! It’s in the title.

Guess I’m kind of out of it today…


People of.png

Ah yes, my favourite Weekly Specials segment! 😛 It’s my favourite because (almost) the whole team takes part in in. (sorry for the late post. I had an activity today.)

This week is a continuation of the most recent one we did, Harry Potter Pt.1. Let’s get right into it!

Zany Panda- Luna Lovegood

li.pngHair: Found in New You and is very common in common rooms. It’s one of the few costumizable hairs that look acceptable 😛

Lips: Is costumizable from any Poptropican and is also quite common. Check your friends’ closets!

Dress: Also found in New You, keep switching the outfits till you find it!

Sword: (an alternate wand) Can be found in the Store, the Amazonian Woman card, which costs 0 credits.

(She made this costume before she left)

Friendly Foot- Cho Chang


Hair: Can be found on the Gamer Girl card in the store, which costs 0 credits.

Smile: Found on any Poptropican! Any smile works too.

Scarf: Can be found on any Poptropican, or in the closet of rainbow2426.

Shirt and skirt: Also can be found on any Poptropican. The shirt can be found in the closet of slantedfish.

For easier access to this whole costume (except the hair) simply friend chochangpop10 and costumize.

Friendly Foot- Severus Snape

Hair: Keep switching the dummies on New You and get this hair.screenshot_83

Frown: Any frown works! Just make sure it’s the most displeased one you find.

Robes: Not sure where to find them, but they can be costumized from severussnapepop10.

Again, to make things easier, simply friend severussnapepop10 and costumize the whole costume.

Alright, that’s it for our Harry Potter costume line! Comment requests for future costume lines, and opinions on this one, down below! We appreciate feedback 🙂 We hope you  enjoyed this line and perhaps you guys can use these costumes some day!

Check out Harry Potter Pt. 1 here!
Check out our previous Fashion Friday weeks here!

Until next time,

-White Ice246418129440342017 (1).png

Hop… onto POP!


now Popping!

Waddup everyone! You may have seen me on the header, and the author list for a while now, but now it’s time to say hello!

I’m G-Hopper, and I’m glad glad glad (and yes that’s from ODI) to say that I’m POP’s newest author!

You can call me G, or simply my Poptropican’s name (Cuddly Brain). I play Minecraft, Pokemon Go, and Roblox, just to name a few games I also enjoy other than Poptropica. My favorite Poptropica island is rather Spy or Mythology, and my least favorites are Super Power and GHD (obviously!) I currently work on Clawtropica own a blog called the Brainy Pop Blog. My username on Poptropica is Wheze4 if you’d like to add me.


Here’s my Poptropican, just because.

I look forward to making more posts on this blog, bye for now!


Survey Time!

Hey guys, it’s Kali, and I have a question for you.

Do you know who Perfect Sky is?

Well, Perfect Sky is a famous Poptropica actor who has made many movies in the last 2-3 years, that have been amazing. I’m in love with her movies, but I was thinking. What is her most popular movie?

So, I’m gonna do a survey!

Comment down below on your favorite movie by Perfect Sky and why!

Here are the options:

Older Movies

  1. I Believe In Unicorns
  2. Fern
  3. Fern 2
  4. Dreams in Drama

Newer Movies

  1. Behind the Thorny Thicket
  2. The Last Christmas
  3. Archives of Cypress Cove Press
  4. Balloons
  5. Cedarwood Lake National Park
  6. Diary of a Outcast

The way this works is comment down below your favorite older movie and favorite newer movie, and then once I count all results, Survey is over by November 26! Then we’ll enter Semifinals, where we will have 4 best movies, and then our final 2 favorite movies!

Anyway, guess keep writing, keep blogging, and keep playing, I’ll see you all later!

Forever Hunters! Chapter 1

I am Karla. I am a Forever Hunter, we Forever Hunters protect the world, by tracking monsters called Ones and sending them to the One Wormhole. I didn’t know I was a Forever Hunter at this time. I didn’t know about Ones at this time.

I had two friends who were, White Ice and Siarcé. They helped me a lot, all I knew was that I was in trouble. I continue running through the swift winds, running from the One with Red Eyes. I’m scared, the eyes pierce through me like a bullet, and I feel like with every movement, I lose more energy and I feel the One with Red Eyes will grab me.

Siarcé said to run from the One with Red Eyes, not to stay near the One. She said that it’d be for my betterment. I looked around, and I saw something I was more then happy to see, a city.
I knew the One with Red Eyes didn’t like the city streets, to much for it. I ran and ran, into the streets and then I saw another thing that filled me with joy, a building with the banner, “White Ice’s Detective Agency.”
I walked into the building, huffing and puffing, panting to no end, and being interrupted, “Karla?” I look up to see White Ice.

“White Ice…I have a case for you.” I said while taking multiple breaths. I looked at her eyes, she looked mad.

“What is it?”

“Something attacked me outside, I ran from it. I’ve been running for 5 minutes, from the thing. Siarcé called it the One with Red Eyes. All I know is that it tried to kill me. What is that thing?” I asked.

“I don’t do paranormal cases, Karla.” White Ice threw a gun at me, and then she opened a closet. “Karla, come here, and get this.”

I walked over to the closet, “What is this stuff?  A gun, a vacuum and some type of tank. Explain.”

“This gun is called a Blaster. This Blaster has 3 settings, Blast, Stun and Suck. This tank is the One-Keeper. This vacuum is just a tube that connects the Blaster to the One-Keeper.” White Ice told me.

“Why do I need this, what is this tank for?”

“This whole setup is for Forever Hunters. A group of Monsters Hunters that hunt monsters from another dimension called Ones. This Blaster sucks up the Ones, so we can send them back to their home world.” White Ice smiles. “That’s why I can’t do this case because you have to. Siarcé is a Forever Hunter as well.”

White Ice walked downstairs into a lab, and I followed. “This is my lab, it tracks Ones. I have workers who help me here. Take that headset, I’ll tell you have to deal with the One.”

“You’re going to send me into the wilderness to fight that thing?” I asked.

“The worst thing that could happen is you die, now, I’ll guide you through One Capturing. Let’s get going.”