Island Walkthrough: Great Pumpkin

Hello everyone. It’s Lucky Joker here with another island walkthrough!  As you can tell, I will be walking you through Great Pumpkin Island. Let’s POP right in! Shall we? We shall.😛

Pumpkin Patch:Walkthrough Wednesday Great Punkin

As soon as you land on this island, you may talk to Charlie Brown to understand the story, but you don’t need to. Head all the way to the right, to the pumpkin patch, and talk to Linus. He will tell you that Lucy wants him to find the heaviest pumpkin in the patch, and we’ll have to help him.

Start by placing two random pumpkins on the scale to see which one is heavier. With that knowledge you can now repeatedly replace the lighter one with a different pumpkin. Once you think you’ve found the heaviest, drag it to Lucy. You’ll have 30 seconds to do this, because Lucy is really impatient. Not to worry! You can always try again!

Walkthrough Wednesday Great Punkin

Once you finish, Lazy Linus will ask you to get the pumpkin to his house. Being the nice Poptropicans we are, say “Sure”. Yay! Another mini-game!

Pumpkin Hassle:

Pushing the pumpkin, you’ll have to be extra careful. If it breaks, you will have to restart. You will face obstacles like steep hills, bunny rabbits, a tedious log and swing set full of children. In better news, there is a checkpoint half way through the trip to his house. Goodness, how does Linus get home everyday? It must be a struggle. Anyway, just follow the trail until you reach your destination. I suggest you push very slowly when passing the rabbits and very fast when trying to get through the log. Roll the pumpkin as the kids swing back on the swings.

You’re finally finished! Awesome! Lucy will be waiting for you and you will be invited into Linus’s house.

Party Invitation:

Walkthrough Wednesday Great Punkin


Once inside, click on Linus and he will give you a Trick-or-Treat Bag. A small cut scene will play between Linus and Charlie Brown, regarding the Great Pumpkin. After that, head outside and run to the right– until you meet Pigpen. Use your newly received bag and give it to him. In return, he will give you a Sucker. Now, go back to the house and give Linus the sucker, you literally just obtained. For giving him this, you will acquire a party invitation! He will then walk away. Pick up the pen on the desk and exit the house. Now, run to the left and into the next screen.



Walkthrough Wednesday Great Punkin

Leaf Piling:Walkthrough Wednesday Great Punkin

Run further to the left, and talk to Charlie Brown. You will be directed to another mini-game. You will be playing as Snoopy, which is pretty cool! The goal is to get 5 leaves added to the mountain of leaves Charlie Brown has raked up. You will do this by blowing the falling leaves, to the left, and into the pile. To blow, click and hold beneath the leaves. It’s fairly simple, but it may take a few tries. After all of our hard work, Linus will come out of nowhere and destroy Leafy Summit.

Resolving Problems…

Go right to the next screen, and walk until you see Linus. Click on him. He seems to beWalkthrough Wednesday Great Punkin missing his blanky. Head back to the left and click on the pile of leaves. Hover your mouse over the leaves to move them around. Once you can clearly see Linus’s blanket, click on it, to remove it from the pile. Go right and return it to Linus! A cut scene will play and Linus will mail a letter to the Great Pumpkin. Head back to the left, and click Charlie to start another cut scene. You will have to use your pen when prompted to. The rather hilarious cut scene will finish, and Charlie and Lucy will work on their costumes for the party.

Flying Ace Snoopy: Walkthrough Wednesday Great Punkin

Collect the football, that was dropped, and use it to throw it up in the tree (The one on the edge of behind Snoopy’s house). You’ll knock down Snoopy’s flying helmet, and will be led to another mini-game! All you have to do is move your mouse around your screen to dodge The Red Baron’s(Woodstock) missile and bullet shots. You’ll have to do this for a minute to succeed.

Don’t get Caught:

After you’ve finished the game, you will have to dodge the enemy once more. This time you will be avoiding surveillance lights by hiding behind/in various objects. It’s pretty self explanatory. Just keep walking to the right, dodging the lights, and hiding. Hide behind things like rocks, grass, hay, water, etc. The chimney on the hut, will be the last thing you will hide behind. You can now enter into the next scene.


Party Time!

Grab the Halloween Mask off of the scarecrow, put it on and walk right into shack. If I must say, the shack looks a lot more aesthetically pleasing on the inside. Now we’re going to have some stressful fun. You will now proceed to play all of the party games, including, Bobbing for apples,Carving a Jack-o-Lantern, Pin the face on the Pumpkin and the Piano mini-game. Not really much to explain here, so have fun playing these games! Grandpa certainly had a ball.

Tricks or Treats:

Walkthrough Wednesday Great Punkin

After the party is over, it is time to get some candy! You and a few other members of the crew will go Trick or Treating. You will have to knock on all of the doors and collect the candy as it is thrown to you. Now that that’s all settled, run right to the pumpkin patch. To make Sally feel better, give her your bag of candy. A cut scene will play, and you will…


Receive the Island Medallion!

Walkthrough Wednesday Great Punkin.png

Well, that was a pretty enjoyable and simple island. I didn’t realise how fun it was until I replayed it. I hope you enjoyed my walkthrough, and I’ll be back again next week. POP on!