Island Walkthrough: Big Nate

Hello everyone. I’m Lucky Joker and today I will walk you through yet another sponsored island. This time around, I will show you how to complete Poptropica’s eighth island, Big Nate Island! Let’s get into it!

The Story:

Everyone in town is looking for a time capsule that was hidden a century ago, and we’re going to find it, in order to save the school. On second thought, let’s not save the school! Haha! Just kidding. We have to, in order to get the medallion.

Comical Findings:

As soon as you land on this colourful island, you will be bombarded by a young boy we all know as, Big Nate– the kid who is known for getting the most detentions in school. You can click through all of the speech bubbles, but to save time, I recommend just clicking the last one. We are going to need to find eight pieces of a comic and put them together, once found.

The first piece is on the green couch, at the top level, in the Pop-In Shoppe.
The second is in the “Say Cheese” photo studio. Jump up, when you enter, to see it.
The third is on top of the telephone pole, just above the photo studio.
The next piece is found in the school’s hallway.
Obtain the fifth piece is in the top left corner of the Science Lab.
The sixth is on the right side, outside of the school.
The seventh piece is found near the top left of the playground. Get it by jumping to it.
The last one is on the very top of the Lighthouse on the beach.

Now that we’ve found all of the pieces to the comic, head into the Pop-In Shoppe, and talk to Gordie. Examine your comic and put it in this order. ▼

Walkthrough Wednesday Big Nate.png


An awesome comic will be shown, but you’ll notice a locker combo– which we’re going to need. For completing this feat, Gordie will giving you some chewing gum.

School Nettlesome:

Run to the school and assemble the comic once more. Then click on the messy locker in the hallway, and enter the combination. Whoosh! We go flying out!

Walkthrough Wednesday Big Nate.png

Now that that happened, walk over to the left and click on the pile. You’ll find a blueprint; only to see, what appears to be, a secret entrance to a secret room, in the detention hall! We need to get in there some how. But before that, walk into the Science Lab. We need to make a Stink Bomb using the chemical set. Pretty cool right? Click the kit and get started. To get the perfect formula, you’ll need to pour in some certain amounts of the chemicals into the beaker.


Walkthrough Wednesday Big Nate

Walkthrough Wednesday Big Nate

After you fill up the beaker with the contents needed, set the heat and… Voila! A stink bomb! Now head to the hallway near the detention room and use your gum to chew. Mrs. Godfrey will pop out of the door, literally, and demand you into the room. When you’re in, use your stink bomb to get her out. Being alone in the room now, you can enter the secret room, through the filing cabinet. What in the world is the purpose of this room, and why do you have to enter from a cabinet?! You’d think this school would have at least one classroom! Anyway, turn on the power switch and get the bell clapper hanging from the ceiling. Now, exit the school and go to Puffin Point.

Scuba Diver:

Jump to the top of the lighthouse, and look through the telescope. Move it to the right, Walkthrough Wednesday Big Nateuntil your Poptropican notices a piece of paper. Then go ahead and close. Jump down to the left, off of the lighthouse, and snatch the flying piece of paper on your way down. You have just obtained the Old Photograph. Now, go and give it to the “school picture guy” in the photo studio.  In return, you will receive some Scuba Gear. Pretty descent trade, if you ask me.

Child’s Play:

Head to the right, pass the school and onto the next screen. Make your way up the jungle gym, and yes, Nate will follow you. Congratulations! You have a stalker. Anyway, enter the Kids Only clubhouse at the top of the play structure. Now, click on any of the games inside, which include: Go To Jail (aka Hangman) and Table Football. They’re both pretty self explanatory. So, have fun! For winning Go To Jail, you will earn Peanut Butter Crackers, and for winning Table Football, you will receive a Practical Jokes booklet, illustrated by Nate himself. Playing Table Football isn’t mandatory, as the prize we win isn’t vital to complete the island. All for good fun!

Now that we’ve had our fun, run to Puffin Point.

Aqua Adventures:Walkthrough Wednesday Big Nate.png

Put on your aqua gear, and get to ready to dive in the waters!

*You might want to read this before diving because you can run out of oxygen whileWalkthrough Wednesday Big Natetrying to read and play simultaneously. 

Dive in, and swim all the way to the right. Then swim down and grab the lobster trap. You can swim to the surface going back the way you came; or you can let your oxygen run out and surface automatically. Either way works!

Talk to the man standing there, and hand him the trap. He’ll give you the lobster inside and the keys to his jet ski. Nice! With that done, it’sWalkthrough Wednesday Big Nate time to ride the jet ski! We still need to get that paper we saw through the telescope earlier. Remember? Click the jet ski to start riding, but, woah! Nate comes running and wants to race! It’s on! The goal is to beat Nate to the end of the way, and to jump over objects like TV’s, penguins etc. You also have to avoid falling eggs. To jump, just click your mouse.

The easiest way, I found to beat him, is to go all of the way to the right of the screen, and count “123 jump!”. When you say “jump”, you click. To get the paper, push both seals to the left of the balanced rock, to expose it. Then just click it, and you have it. It’s a map to the capsule everybody’s been looking for! Now go back left to Puffin Point

Saving the day!

To clear the playground of children, we’ll need to ring the bell. Jump on top of the lighthouse, and use your lobster to crank the light– to face the other direction. The light will shine at the bird, forcing it to fly away. Now tinging the bell is possible, where it wasn’t before. Go on top of the school and use your bell clapper to ring it. The kids will go in fro their recess, and clear the way. Now, go to the playground. Place your Peanut Butter Crackers at about the spot that is shown below. The dog will feast, and dig up the capsule! Drag it out and open it. Nate will get the credit, but you’ll get the Island Medallion!

Walkthrough Wednesday Big Nate.png

Walkthrough Wednesday Big Nate.png

That was a pretty easy, yet fun island. It’s not very time consuming, and it’s just very entertaining. Hope you found this helpful. If not, let me know in the comments on things you’re having trouble with. POP on!


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