24 Carrot Island Walkthrough


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Island Guide

You’ll find yourself in a barren town. Speak to Mayor McTeague, and he’ll tell you that all of the carrots have vanished. Oh dear! Walk left into the Carrot Farm, and go to the boarded up house. Climb up the roof, and enter through the chimney.


Now that you’re inside the house, pick up the Empty Bowl, and leave the house through the fireplace.


Go back to Main Street, and go inside the Carrot King Diner. Talk to Flo, the waitress, and ask her to fill your bowl with milk. She’ll say yes, and the bowl will now be a Bowl of Milk.


Exit the diner, and go back to the house in the Carrot Farm. You’ll place the bowl on the floor. Next, climb up the black rope on the right to get to the second floor.

On the second floor, go left, until you reach the bathroom. Turn on one of the faucets, and Whiskers the cat will jump out of the bathtub, and run to the bottom floor.


Once he drinks the milk, he’ll gain your trust and follow you.


Guide the cat to Charlie’s Carrot Surplus Co., a shop on Main Street. Return Whiskers to Charlie, and she’ll give you a Crowbar for free.


Back on Main Street, walk right, and go to the Factory. Climb onto the roof of the carrot cake factory, and grab the Vent Blueprints sticking out of the window.


Jump down on the toxic waste barrels. Click on the pipe to pry it open, using your crowbar. Now you can enter the factory.


You’ll now be in the factory sewers. Move left, and take the Carrot Transporter lying on the ground. This device will transport you outside the factory.


Jump on the ledge, and run across the red trapdoors. Avoid falling down! In the pipes above will be a rat. Dodge the rat by going through the pipe above it, then go up the pipe.


You’ll now be in the Engine Room. On the master engine machine, pull down the first and third levers halfway, and the middle level down all the way.


Next, climb the platforms, then wait for the moving claw. When the claw arrives, jump on top of it, and you’ll be transported to the other side. Enter the vents. You’ll now be in the vent system. Use the blueprint to guide you to the Processing Room.

Vent System Schematic Blueprints

On the way, you’ll get the Wire Cutters.


Once you’re in the Processing Room, fall to the bottom of the room, and let the security guard capture you. You’ll be teleported to the Freezer room.

Click on the power box labelled “Security System”, and cut all the wires. The security system will now be shut off.


Climb up the crates, then go back in the vents. Now, make your way to the Printer Room. In the Printer Room, avoid getting hit by the falling crates, or you’ll be knocked back. Disable the mind-controlled drone that’s standing near the printer by distracting her, then pressing the power button between the rabbot ears.

She’ll hand you a printout with the System Password (fuzzybunny) on it. Head back to the vents, and go back to the Processing Room.

Now that you’re in the Processing Room, jump to the bottom of the room, and rescue the two drones.

Go over to the right, and click on the exit. You’ll fall down a trapdoor, and land in the Smelter Room.

Jump down the red platform, and land on the conveyor belt. Run across the conveyor belt, but be quick, or you may be flattened into a pancake! Jump on the pipe, and then jump on the platform. Pick up the Drone Ears, put them on, then go through the pipe. You’ll now be back in the Processing Room.


Go through the big metal doors from before, and you’ll find yourself in the Rabbot Room. Thinking you’re hypnotised, Dr. Hare will order you to go to the computer and start the launch sequence.


Climb up the giant Rabbot, and go to the platform on the right. Disable the drone, otherwise he won’t let you use the computer.


Turn on the computer by clicking on it. Enter the password “fuzzybunny”, then enter the command “launch rabbot”.

Using the joystick, steer the rabbot into the meteors. After four hits, the rabbot will be destroyed and Dr. Hare will fall out.

Dr. Hare’s plans have been foiled! To exit the factory, climb the rope, or use the Carrot Transporter to transport yourself outside the factory.

Back on Main Street, you’ll see that 24 Carrot Island is already back to its former glory!

Mayor McTeague will present you the Island Medallion and some credits. Congratulations, you’ve completed 24 Carrot Island!



Topping Tuesday By Zany Panda Best Islands

  1. Ghost Story I like The scaryness in it and how it makes u scream in horror
  2. Zomberry Its more different Then other islands
  3. Shrink ray it has a really cool story to it
  4. Escape from pelican rock A fun and challenging island
  5. I guess Backlot Cuz u get to make a movie and u actully get to watch it! Cool!
  6. Crypits Island ( i havent played it but) i think it looks pretty cool! I’ll try it soon!


Thxs For Reading todays Topping Tuesday!

By Guys!

~zanypanda 👍

Middle School: The Worst Years of this one person’s life.

Yo yo yo poptropican’s! Red here with another ad post!(At least Poptropica still adds ads to it’s game.)


screenshot_711This one is for the new movie Middle School: The worst years of my life, based on the book series by James Patterson. In front of the building the main character of the movie, Rafe, tells you to go inside but watch out for the principal. So go inside and you’ll see the pranks from the movie trailer on the walls of the ad.

screenshot_713Unlike the ads before, this is not a common room. Go ahead and talk to Rafe and you’ll play a minigame. All you have to is run and jump. All you pretty much have to do is hold your mouse on the top right corner of the screen.

You get the paint gun and a whoopie cushion as your prizes for outrunning the principal.

You can watch the trailer beside the principal. I feel like I’ve seen the whoopie cushion before and it’s mechanics. I know! It’s from Night Watch! Anyways, See-ya everyone!


Theoretical Thursday: The Colorizer?!


We all know the Colorizer Card, the card which used to be expensive and rare, which everyone bought for obvious reasons, right? (Original cost was 250 credits)


And we’ve also heard of the Colorizer on Home island, which came when Home Island was released, way after the card, and completely free, right?


Well, when I was walking around the store, trying to find an outfit for The Wolf (my backup), I noticed that the Colorizer card was still in the store, even after they updated the store, even though Home Island has a completely free one, and guess what?!

THEY MADE IT 200 CREDITS MORE EXPENSIVE!!!!! Even though the Home Island colorizer is completely free! Which leads me to the actual theory of this post:

Are they going to remove the Colorizer on Home Island and force us all to buy the much-more-expensive card????

Good thing I already bought the card long ago, when the original price was still up.

For those who never bought it, well, tough luck; now you’ll have to buy it for much more.

Or maybe, the creators simply left the card up for people who want to use the Colorizer on non-SUIs. And a way to make people use up their credits and use real money to buy them :roll:. Why am I proving my own post wrong?

Anyway, thanks for reading this week’s theory, even though it’s completely rubbish because I’m unable to write theories! I hope you enjoyed my attempt at humor to make up for that.

Until next time,

White Ice (Icey)


Topping Tuesday: Top 5 Store Item Cards


Top 5 Store Item Cards (In my opinion)

Hey guys! White Ice here. Yes, we’re posting normally again 😛

Anyway, I’m starting a new segment called Topping Tuesday, which will be top 5 lists every Tuesday of something in poptropica.

Well, this week it’s store items! The list will be in my opinion, so please respect it.

5 : Winter Blast Flavour Popgum


Original price: 250 credits

Before last June, back when I used to always chew, the gum was this.

It fits my poptropica name too, which is probably why I always only chewed this one, but the snowflakes that come out when the bubbles pop are very cool too!

I love popgums because most of the effects show in other people’s screens (in common rooms) as well. But it does get annoying when someone spam-chews and the screen lags. (I love annoying people by doing that!)

4 : Fierce Lion costume


Original price: 75 credits

Awwww. Do you see how cute this costume is?! ❤ Look at that cute lion head and tail.

As you can see, I actually haven’t purchased this costume, because
1. I’m low on credits
2. I don’t think I’ll ever wear it anyway

I probably won’t ever wear it, because I make a point of never wearing things other than my signature outfit, because it’s too much trouble to change back 😛

BUT, this costume is still really cute otherwise. I have it on my backup as well 😛

3 : Bobblehead


Original price: 250 credits

I actually bought this item as a joke of sorts a while ago because I had too much credits to spend 😛 But I don’t regret it.

I’ve only worn this item once or twice, and I don’t anymore because it makes your head look weird on SUIs. A shame, right?

But hey, I still like it because it’s cute and funny, and surprise, makes your head bobble! I think it’s amusing. Anyway.

2 : Whoopzie Cusion (Members Only Item)


I actually only came to acquire this item recently, and since I’m not a member, I used iPop. But these days, it’s a part of my signature outfit.

The reasons I like this item so much is because:
1. You can drop off Whoopzie cushions wherever
2. When people step on them, there are sound effects. Farting sounds
3. They are visible to other people in common rooms, and are a great way to have fun.

Yeah, they’re one of the few pranking items in the store which actually show for other players (in common rooms.)! When I’m bored, I fill up the whole common room with Whoopzie Cushions, and whenever someone moves, there’s farting sounds.


Wow, I must have been really bored!

1 : Minimizer


Original price: 250 credits

This is my all-time favourite card. Back 3 years ago and up until this June, I used to wear it all the time. That’s how much I loved it. It makes you look cute, and it used to be cool back when credits were a little hard to get by.
Nowadays? Using cards like the Minimizer, Atom Power and Electrify make your poptropican over-filtered (using too many enhancing-looks items).

I would probably still be wearing it today, if it weren’t for SUIs (because I binge-played them all this June.). Unfortunately, on SUIs the Minimizer card doesn’t work properly, and it may cause your game to glitch if you’re wearing it while completing an island. I experienced this with Escape from Pelican Rock and Monster Carnival. (Reason #1 out of 100 of why I hate SUIs.) 

Anyway, that’s it with the first Top 5 list I have ever made, and I hope you enjoy! 😛

Until next time,

White Ice (Icey)


If you don’t know, we were hacked, but we’re back and ready to roll, got some cool posts, that’s for show. Yes I did just rap.

Hey, Poptropicans! Kaliscene here, back with the new announcements for the blog. So, let’s get to it.

  1. The POP blog is joining the Poptropica Bloggers Network!
  2. The POP blog is back, and on a new URL, in the process of restoring our old posts, we are back, it’s been a big process coming back but we really have to thank White Ice, for her hard work when recreating the blog.
  3. There’s a 50/50 chance Mythical Monday’s will be continued, but that’ll be talked about in another post 😉
  4. Finally, I am starting a hopefully better story/fan-fiction called Spy Trial at the moment.

Well, those are myannouncements. Thanks for tuning in, and hmm, let’s see. Keep reading, keep writing and keep blogging, I’ll catch you guys later, and POP on! I think I got it 🙂