Fashion Friday Week 7

Hello everyone! Lucky Joker here– bringing you more costumes for you to try!

Back to School:

Most of us will be going to school soon, and some of you have already started! With that said, this week’s Fashion Friday theme is Back to School. The POP team and I have created costumes, representing high school stereotypes. Please don’t take this into offense, as we were just having good fun.:)

White Ice – The popular girlValley or Popular girl White Ice

Head: This fabulous hairdo is costumizable from Flashy Florian Fosbury from Escape from Pelican Rock Island. You’ll have to get through some of the island to do so. You can find a full walkthrough on the PHB. The bangs, however, are from the Spy lady in B.A.D. Bistro, on Spy Island.

Face: The lips can be ASGed off of “iPop#5”.

Body: The jacket can be found from the ASG “gpopsinger101”, if you don’t have the store card for it. For the top, use the ASG “scheherazadetoldathousandtales”. For the skirt, costumize off of the cheerleader costume in the store.

Hand: The lipstick can also ASGed from “iPop#5”.

Lucky Joker – Nerd

Head: The hair can be found on the hotel manager, on Reality TV Island.

Face: The glasses can be costumized from Zany Panda. Her UN: unitatogirl.
The braces can be costumized off of any random Poptropican, in a common room. I will admit that they’re a little hard to come by. (For me at least)

Body: The shirt can also be found on the hotel manager on Reality TV Island. The bow tie can be found on the “April Fool’s Day” Store card. The backpack can be found off of the Poptropica: The Official Guide card.

Dangerous Eye – The surfer girl

Head: The hair can be be found in New You, on Home Island.

Face: The cool shades can be obtained from “Mythology Surfer”. The lipstick can be ASGed from “iPop#5”.

Body: The shirt can also be found in New You. As well as the black pants.

Hand: The surfboard can be found from the Mythology Surer, in the store.

Shaky Skunk – PrepShaky Prep

Head: The hair can be seen on the Vampire Girl 2 Store Card. The bangs with earrings can be be obtained from the Pop Star store card.

Face: The blush comes with the earrings, and as for the lips– You can find them on the angel costume.

Body:  The top can be found on the Mythology Surfer (Purple). The skirt can be fond from the Gothic cheerleader costume.

Red Thunder – Gamer GuyRed Thunder gamer.png

Head: The hair and headphones can be seen in the New You.

Face: The sunglasses can be costumized from the Gamer store card. Any frown works. The one shown in the picture is from the Wild West Big headed boy.

Body: The shirt, hoodie and jacket are all from Gamer Guy on Zomberry Island. You may need to do some of the Island. However, I’m not completely sure. The fanny pack can be costumized off of the explorer on Home Island. The black pants can be found off of any random Poptropican.

Hand: The flashlight can be found on Zomberry Island.

Shaky Skunk – Emo Shaky Emo confirmed

Head: The pony tail can be found on the girl standing near the “Ye Old Poptropica Store” on Astro Knights island. The bangs can be found on the Rockstar 2 store card.

Face: The dark bags under the eye are on the “Gothic cheerleader”- The store card. Any frown works for this look.

Body: The top can be found in New You, and the pants can be found on “Vampire Girl 2”.

Well, that’s it for now! I hope you liked the costumes, and try them out. Have fun, and good luck at school everyone! POP on!


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