Fashion Friday: Week 4

Hello everyone! It’s Lucky Joker presenting you with the Fashion Friday’s fourth line of costumes we’ve created for you to try!

Marvel PT 2:

Yup! Marvel PT 2! We created these inspired looks based off of a few more characters from the Marvel franchise! Let’s POP into it!

 Lucky Joker – The Hulk from AvengersLJ HULK

Head: You can get this hair from “Mythology Surfer”, currently in the store.

Face: The mouth can be found on the boy standing in line, on Main Street, on Poptropicon Line Forms here.

Body: To be shirtless, you’ll have to costumize as the “Mythology Surfer” on a SUI Island. To costumize successfully, you’ll have to click this icon      ▼

costumize ppl-and costumize from the dummy.
You can get the purple pants from the “Prom King”.

(Apologies for the sleeve glitch in the picture, by the way)

White Ice – Wanda Maximoff from “The Avengers: Age of Ultron”Wanda Maximoff

Head: The bangs are on Black Widow, and the locks are from “Vampire Girl 2”.

Face: The lips can be obtained from the ASG: iPop#5. Keep in mind, this is the first step you’ll want to take. To achieve Wanda, costumize the ASG, off, afterwards.

Body: The dress is on the spy lady on Spy Island. If you’ve completed the island, it can be found in “Headquarters”. If you haven’t, the dress can be seen in “B.A.D. Bistro”on Balding Avenue.


Red Thunder – Sandman from “Spider-Man 3”costumize ppl

Hooray! Here’s an easy one for you! The entire outfit can found in “New You”. If you don’t feel like regenerating the random costume options over and over, here are some other options:

Head: The hair can be found on Bobble Boy in Dos Cactos, on Wild West Island

Face: The frown can be found the same place as the hair.

Body: The shirt can also be found in The Statue room in the Art Museum, after completing Counterfeit Island.

That’s it with Marvel for now. Who knows? Maybe we’ll do another one in the future. Thanks for stopping by, and hopefully you give these costumes a try! POP on!


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