Topping Tuesday: Top 5 Store Item Cards


Top 5 Store Item Cards (In my opinion)

Hey guys! White Ice here. Yes, we’re posting normally again 😛

Anyway, I’m starting a new segment called Topping Tuesday, which will be top 5 lists every Tuesday of something in poptropica.

Well, this week it’s store items! The list will be in my opinion, so please respect it.

5 : Winter Blast Flavour Popgum


Original price: 250 credits

Before last June, back when I used to always chew, the gum was this.

It fits my poptropica name too, which is probably why I always only chewed this one, but the snowflakes that come out when the bubbles pop are very cool too!

I love popgums because most of the effects show in other people’s screens (in common rooms) as well. But it does get annoying when someone spam-chews and the screen lags. (I love annoying people by doing that!)

4 : Fierce Lion costume


Original price: 75 credits

Awwww. Do you see how cute this costume is?! ❤ Look at that cute lion head and tail.

As you can see, I actually haven’t purchased this costume, because
1. I’m low on credits
2. I don’t think I’ll ever wear it anyway

I probably won’t ever wear it, because I make a point of never wearing things other than my signature outfit, because it’s too much trouble to change back 😛

BUT, this costume is still really cute otherwise. I have it on my backup as well 😛

3 : Bobblehead


Original price: 250 credits

I actually bought this item as a joke of sorts a while ago because I had too much credits to spend 😛 But I don’t regret it.

I’ve only worn this item once or twice, and I don’t anymore because it makes your head look weird on SUIs. A shame, right?

But hey, I still like it because it’s cute and funny, and surprise, makes your head bobble! I think it’s amusing. Anyway.

2 : Whoopzie Cusion (Members Only Item)


I actually only came to acquire this item recently, and since I’m not a member, I used iPop. But these days, it’s a part of my signature outfit.

The reasons I like this item so much is because:
1. You can drop off Whoopzie cushions wherever
2. When people step on them, there are sound effects. Farting sounds
3. They are visible to other people in common rooms, and are a great way to have fun.

Yeah, they’re one of the few pranking items in the store which actually show for other players (in common rooms.)! When I’m bored, I fill up the whole common room with Whoopzie Cushions, and whenever someone moves, there’s farting sounds.


Wow, I must have been really bored!

1 : Minimizer


Original price: 250 credits

This is my all-time favourite card. Back 3 years ago and up until this June, I used to wear it all the time. That’s how much I loved it. It makes you look cute, and it used to be cool back when credits were a little hard to get by.
Nowadays? Using cards like the Minimizer, Atom Power and Electrify make your poptropican over-filtered (using too many enhancing-looks items).

I would probably still be wearing it today, if it weren’t for SUIs (because I binge-played them all this June.). Unfortunately, on SUIs the Minimizer card doesn’t work properly, and it may cause your game to glitch if you’re wearing it while completing an island. I experienced this with Escape from Pelican Rock and Monster Carnival. (Reason #1 out of 100 of why I hate SUIs.) 

Anyway, that’s it with the first Top 5 list I have ever made, and I hope you enjoy! 😛

Until next time,

White Ice (Icey)


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