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…one Poptropicans stands out amongst the rest of the already unique.

Hello, People of Poptropica Blog! My name is DJVampiGamer, but just call me Vampi. I run 3 of my own blogs (Trusty Bear’s Poptropica Hotspot, and the inactive Vampi’s Anime News and Vampi’s Gaming Haven) and I author on a bunch more (smartpoptropica, Cuddly Knuckle’s Poptropica Blog, the Pewter Moon developer’s blog, and Poptropica Tips For Poptropicans). I spend most of my time hanging out on Discord, watching YouTube, or playing video games.

I thank White Ice for inviting me here, and I’ll be sure to have a great time!



[RESCHEDULED] POP’s Winter Holidays Party!


The times are now:
31st December, 2016 | 8:30pm EST – 7:30pm CST
1st January, 2017 | 9:30am HKT – 12:30am AEDT

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Hey guys, Icey here! The POP team is announcing our first party, to celebrate winter holidays (summer holidays for some). Since some people don’t celebrate Christmas or Hanukkah, winter is what the party is for 😛

Details on the party:



  • TIME : 🕑 31st December,2016 | 8:30pm EST– 7:30pm CST – 1st January, 2017 | 9:30am HKT – 12:30am AEDT (for more timezones, click here)
  • CHATROOM :💬 Make a Discord account when you join the People of PoptropiChat. There you can chat with other attenders of the party! Make sure you follow #rules though.
  • MULTIVERSE ROOMS :🎉 The multiverse codes will be posted in the chatroom on the party day ^ Have fun playing Poptropica with other party attenders!
  • THEME :❄️ Winter! Make sure to design your winter outfits before coming, and look festive!

We’ll also be holding a Best Winter Costume contest for people who join the multiverse rooms! The results will be posted in the chatroom. During the party in the chatroom, we will also hold mini-games such as ‘random doodling’ (see who can draw an item the fastest) etc.

Remember to be nice to other party attenders, and please don’t spam during the party! We hope to see you there! 😀

Until the party,

White Ice 246418129440342017 (1).png

1.3k Views and joining the PBN!

Hey guys. I was supposed to post a 1K post, but well, it’s too far gone and we’ve already reached 1.3K. Thanks, everyone! 😀

Now, the only reason why I mentioned pageviews is that we used to have about 3K pageviews before we were hacked, (read our story), and we’d really like to restore what we had achieved before, and be a successful blog. Doesn’t really help that we’re not very active either 😛

Anyways, we’re also now part of the PBN! Here’s what the Poptropica Bloggers Network is about.

The Poptropica Bloggers Network consist of multiple blogs run by your follow Poptropicans! We work together to help each other when needed. The PBN will sometimes even host events that run across multiple of our blogs!

Be sure to check it out here! 🙂 And check out the sites that are listed there as well?

Finally Posting…

Hiya! You’ve probably already seen me in the headers, and on the Pop Team area on the blog, but here I am. Officially making my first post here. So, to tell you a bit about myself, I’m a girl currently living in New Jersey, and I’ve played Poptropica since 2008… 😀 I think that’s all for now… Friend me on Pop with the username rainbow2426! See ya later

– Ze Friendly Foot :friendlyfoot~1:

OS is here!!

Hoi, I’m Orange Shell, as most of you may know me by now. I prefer to be called OS or Seashell, that feels most comfortable. Wait, why I am I talking all proper?? Thing number 1 about me: I don’t talk like normal people. I’m country, so I go around saying ain’t like its an actual word. Which from where I come from, it is. Moving on. I’m honored to get to work on this amazing blog with these amazing people. I have played Poptropica since 2012, but I didn’t join from Funbrain, like some did. I actually got into Pop via friends who played. I couldn’t keep an account for a week, though. I love Pop and I am hoping to be a blogger for a while, hopefully for a few years.

You probably know who I am. I work on too many blogs. So I’m not gonna give the huge intro. Email me if you have any questions at . Also, crucial info about me: Warning: You are approaching a fangirl. Proceed with caution. Yeah, I’m a huge fangirl. Of all fiction books I’ve read. Fangirling is in my DNA, seriously. My birthday, July 31, well, if you are a fellow fandom crazed person, you can figure it out.

Now I’m starting to go crazy. I better go.

Seashell out!😎-

poptropican I need to change my Halloween costume of Katniss back to my regular outfit.

The Sp00py Month of Sp00ptober

Hey guys! I’m sure you all have noticed the new sp00py halloween theme that the blog has.

… Or if you haven’t, get a new pair of glasses and look at the header and background above and around this post 😛

This theme change, is of course, because of upcoming Halloween, and it’ll be up until November 1st. (Excuse the badly-made header because of my absolutely spectacular Photoshop skills XD)

One of the ways we try to make our blog stand out is by changing our header&background whenever a big holiday/event comes around. In the past, we have done Poppies 2016 theme, and Tribal Tournament 2016 as well.

Do you enjoy these theme changes? We hope you do! What do you think of the absolutely sp00ptacular header for Halloween? 😀

Goodbye, Zany….

Zany Panda?


Zany Panda was one of the 4 main members of this blog, the starters of it, and will always be remembered as the beginning of this blog.

Unfortunately, she has left this blog due to miscommunications, and perhaps also because she is much younger than the rest of the team, and did not feel comfortable among us. And perhaps some inactivity too.

Goodbye, Zany, you will be missed…. Thank you for your contribution to this blog.

Farewell, old friend. Good luck with life.