History of POP

Welcome to the History page of our beloved People of Poptropica blog. Well, there could only be one reason you’re visiting this page- to learn about our amazing history, of course! Might as well get to it.

Our history is a long, long, sometimes happy, many times sad, tale.

It all started in the morning of 21st June, 2016 (according to Hong Kong Time anyway), as a 13-year-old Asian girl (White Ice) went to her first PHB party, and went on Discord for the first time. During the party, she met Lucky Joker, whom she noticed, because whenever she would post screenshots of the Multiverse party, he would point himself out in the pictures (which he did quite a few times because he’s arrogant like that ((jk!)))

They talked for a while, and by the end of the party, only her, LJ, Red Thunder, and Zany Panda were left. LJ then came up with the idea of starting a blog, with the four of them as authors, and thus the blog was created.

The blog grew happily with the 4 authors taking care of it, until Zany Panda went on vacation and the other 3 decided they needed more authors. Thus, they hired Silver Tornado and Dangerous Eye (a.k.a. Kali/Yandarisama).

This was the highest point of the blog- many weekly segments and interesting things were created, and they had many readers who visited their blog regularly. But this ended when Silver Tornado left the blog, Shaky Skunk was added to the team and the POP blog was suddenly hacked on the day of 22nd August, 2016.

This hacker was a cruel, cruel person- the authors of the POP blog had worked very hard to get it to the point it was then, and months of hard work was all deleted. Fortunately, Shaky Skunk had the cautious thought to archive the posts when she first joined, meaning that most of the more important posts could be restored.

By sometime in September, all of the posts that could be restored had been restored, and for a short time the blog was active again. Then Zany Panda and Lucky Joker left, and the blog died for a long time.

On November 15th, 2016, the blog changed completely- it got a new theme, favicon, header, and a few new authors, including Friendly Foot, Orange Shell and Cuddly Brain. The blog is pretty active, and better than ever!

Written by White Ice

This is the point that the blog is at right now. This history page will be updated whenever there are major changes. Thanks for reading! 😀

Here are most of our past headers:




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