Mythical Monday Episode 4

(I felt very very bad for not posting last week, so I’m posting this now, and I’m posting the fifth chapter as well!)

Book One: PPA Rookie

Chapter 4: Heatstroke

A week later…

“I think it’s coming close to time to tell them, what they really are.” Silver Tornado announced as Dangerous Eye sung vigorously, very melodic and smoothing tunes, to calm everyone.

Scary Rhino and White Ice were upstairs and Zany Panda was continually checking on them.

“I’d see them wanting to know now.” Lucky Joker stated. Red Thunder seemed to disagree which brought a gigantic mess, of arguments and debates.

“Stop, while you can and do not let yourselves be engulfed in rage. My children, they will know when the time comes.” Dangerous Eye went back to messing with plants and singing.

A green-eyed Scary Rhino, Zany Panda and White Ice walked downstairs and outside, as Dangerous Eye watched them, she walked outside to see what they were doing.

A man in a flame-engulfing suit was there, sending out radiation blasts, like it was nothing, Dangerous Eye told Lucky Joker to get the special suits if they were coming out.

Scary Rhino, teleported behind him, and White Ice, summoned a shield out of no matter whatsoever, in her hands, while Zany Panda’s gauntlets attacked the man.

Dangerous Eye ran out, and grab the children, only forgetting that Scary Rhino could teleport, and he teleported White Ice and Zany Panda to help him fight the man.

“Why, do you hurt me, Heatstroke…” His palm lit on fire as he flew into the air, and threw constant fireballs, at White Ice. White Ice fell on the ground and that’s when Zany Panda was enraged.

Scary Rhino teleported and grabbed Heatstroke, choking her, then Zany Panda, attacked Heatstroke. Heatstroke then, fell to the ground, the suit coming off and a cloak forming with a staff in his hand, and Zany Panda was magically was put in gladiator-like armor.

The two fought until White Ice was conscious again, and that’s when Dangerous Eye said, “We’ve found the Keeper.”


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