Weekly Specials

The weekly specials on this blog are original continual posts that are posted weekly (but maybe a little late here and there). The list of specials is as follows:

Mythical Monday (discontinued)
Topping Tuesday
Walkthrough Wednesday
Theoretical Thursday
Fashion Friday

Mythical Monday: A fanfiction written by Kali (Dangerous Eye). Unfortunately, it has been canceled due to lack of inspiration.

Topping Tuesday: An opinion-based special listing different aspects of Poptropica’s in-game attributes in a top 5 style.

Walkthrough Wednesday: Created in order for us to finish all the walkthroughs of the islands on our blog. Hopefully, they help!

Theoretical Thursday: Poptropica theories.

Fashion Friday: A collection of Poptropica outfits put together by the Pop team revolving around a weekly theme.

We are still the only Poptropica blog that has this many Weekly Specials because we want to stand out from the crowd!

We hope you enjoy our creativity and efforts to provide original content on this blog! They are on the list below this tab.