Theoretical Thursday: Origin of Poptropica PT 2


Hello, and welcome to the second part of the Origin of Poptropica theory. I got a lot of great support on the first part, so I’m going to put all the other parts up 1-4, which means I’m in charge of Theoretical Thursday for the whole month of July! But without further adieu here is the part 2 of the theory.

Origin of Poptropica

Part 2: Recleanse

As the Creator had reawaken, the world he created had been in terrible shape, thieves and more. The Creator had to put a stop to this. He decided to recleanse the First World by giving whoever was unworthy the plague. This is how the First World became Early Poptropica, and the next two islands were created Early Poptropica, where the humans reconnected with trades from other islands, and Poptropolis Games!

The Creator was satisfied with this realm, but he stopped at his tracks, and turned his unknown island into an establishment, with something incredible, a map of all Poptropica! He made this island, Mystery of the Map and on he went into more creation, and the map would auto-regenerate with new islands

There it is, part 2 isn’t as long as Part 1 or 4, but it is definitely a crucial part of the theory! Introducing what the map was and when it was created. Anyway, thanks for tuning into this part of Theoretical Thursday, I love you guys, POP on!

You can read part 1 of the theory here!


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