Countdown to Christmas: Days 2 and 3

Seashell here! I had requests to do something Poptropica-related for 1 day, so I’m gonna do top 4 winter-based islands. And I’m also gonna do top 3 Christmas movies. The rankings for top Christmas movies comes from Rotten Tomatoes, and the islands were judged from the authors of POP. PS… the islands aren’t really ranked. They’re like the best 4.

So, our top 4 winter themed islands are…..

Wimpy Wonderland, Survival episodes 1+2, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, and Cryptids (cause’ of Himalayan scene). Congrats to those islands!

#3 for best movie is….

Holiday Inn! (Never heard of it but whatever)


Miracle on 34th Street!!!

And number one is……

To be announced tomorrow!!

J.K. Yall’ really need to stop fallin’ for that.

It’s a Wonderful Life!!!

OK, those aren’t my favorites, mine are Rudolph, A Christmas Story, and National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation.

Seashell out, and merry Christmas!! Ho ho Ho!!


5 days until Christmas Countdown!!

Seashell here, with a Christmas special that will be posted on all of my blogs!! I’m gonna do a 5 days of Christmas countdown, starting today. So, today is 5 days until Christmas, and what better to get up in the Christmas spirit than Christmas songs!!

From none other than Billboard top 100 Christmas songs, number 5 is….

It’s The Most Wonderful Time of The Year by Andy Williams!!

Number 4 is…..

Hallelujah from Penatonx!!(hope I spelled that right)

Number 3 is…

Rockin’ Around The Christmas Tree From Brenda Lee!

Number two…..

Jingle Bell Rock from Bobby Helms!

And what yall have all been waiting for….





JK, I had ya there, didn’t I?
The real number one is All I Want For Christmas Is You by Mariah Carey!!!

You may not think these five songs are the top five in your head, so tell me what your top 5 are in the comments. I know my number one is Santa Claus is Coming to Town, you know, like the ones where they go really high on Santa Claus is Coming To Town… and I also like the song I Want a Hippopotamus For Christmas. Ooh, have you seen that commercial on TV where the little girl sees a hippo and then she wants all of her Christmas presents to have hippos on them?? And then on Christmas Day she looks out the window and sees a deer…..

Sorry. Got sidetracked. Well, I’ll see you tomorrow with Day 2 of Christmas countdowns!

I hope you enjoyed this post, even if you don’t celebrate Christmas.

Seashell wuz here!!!

OS is here!!

Hoi, I’m Orange Shell, as most of you may know me by now. I prefer to be called OS or Seashell, that feels most comfortable. Wait, why I am I talking all proper?? Thing number 1 about me: I don’t talk like normal people. I’m country, so I go around saying ain’t like its an actual word. Which from where I come from, it is. Moving on. I’m honored to get to work on this amazing blog with these amazing people. I have played Poptropica since 2012, but I didn’t join from Funbrain, like some did. I actually got into Pop via friends who played. I couldn’t keep an account for a week, though. I love Pop and I am hoping to be a blogger for a while, hopefully for a few years.

You probably know who I am. I work on too many blogs. So I’m not gonna give the huge intro. Email me if you have any questions at . Also, crucial info about me: Warning: You are approaching a fangirl. Proceed with caution. Yeah, I’m a huge fangirl. Of all fiction books I’ve read. Fangirling is in my DNA, seriously. My birthday, July 31, well, if you are a fellow fandom crazed person, you can figure it out.

Now I’m starting to go crazy. I better go.

Seashell out!😎-

poptropican I need to change my Halloween costume of Katniss back to my regular outfit.