Middle School: The Worst Years of this one person’s life.

Yo yo yo poptropican’s! Red here with another ad post!(At least Poptropica still adds ads to it’s game.)


screenshot_711This one is for the new movie Middle School: The worst years of my life, based on the book series by James Patterson. In front of the building the main character of the movie, Rafe, tells you to go inside but watch out for the principal. So go inside and you’ll see the pranks from the movie trailer on the walls of the ad.

screenshot_713Unlike the ads before, this is not a common room. Go ahead and talk to Rafe and you’ll play a minigame. All you have to is run and jump. All you pretty much have to do is hold your mouse on the top right corner of the screen.

You get the paint gun and a whoopie cushion as your prizes for outrunning the principal.

You can watch the trailer beside the principal. I feel like I’ve seen the whoopie cushion before and it’s mechanics. I know! It’s from Night Watch! Anyways, See-ya everyone!



Theoretical Thursday: Disappearance


SPOILERS for islands but you probably completed them. (This doesn’t have much to do with disappearance actually.)

Yo, yo, yo Poptropicans! Yes I know I’m not Lucky Joker. That’s right I can read your minds(not really though). But it is rude to talk about someone who’s listening. Now for my theory.

How did all the villains get captured and put into one prison even after they were all put into different prisons? For right now though I’m going to talk about 4, Captain Crawfish, Black Widow, Dr.Hareand Binary Bard.Well we all know they were able to escape from Super Villain Island but what about before they were in there? If you finished their islands you saw that Captain Crawfish got left on Skullduggery Island, Black Widow in prison,Binary Bard and Dr.Harein deep space.

But how did they all get out of wherever they were? Sure, Zeus could’ve freed Crawfish and Black Widow, but Dr.Hare and Binary Bard? Nope! He’s the king of the sky, but not space. Someone else must have freed them, but who could’ve done it? Who has enough power to do it and may work with Zeus? Maybe we are just over thinking a game for kids. NAH! But who do you think could’ve done it? Leave your answers in the comments below!