Mythical Monday Episode 6

Book One: PPA Rookie

Chapter Six: Lifelines, Inheritance, and the Truth

“Children of the Oracle..? What does that mean?” Scary Rhino asked.

“12,000 years ago, the First Poptropican was born, Jealous Coyote. Jealous Coyote had made a statue, that could speak, he called it an Oracle. The Oracle couldn’t speak in normal tongue, she spoke in a prophetical tongue, but her prophetical tongue wasn’t normal. No, she spoke prophecies of the future, yet her prophecies were the hardest to crack, her prophecies funded an entire civilization for the next thousands of years, but soon, the Oracle statue was broken, and a young woman, walked by the statue as it was broken, going to get a pale of water.” Dangerous Eye was interrupted by White Ice.

“What does this have to do with anything?” White Ice asked, trying to get her to get to the point.

“As she went to get the pale of water, a green most filled the commons, and was inhaled by the woman and only the woman, making the woman, a human oracle. That woman was Dangerous Eye, and she was born over 120 years ago. Soon, Dangerous Eye had children with someone she grew close too. Her children, had special powers though.”

“Wait, wait, wait, so you’re an oracle? Like I’d believe that.”

“Her children’s powers made them very powerful, and the children, if bonded together, a great emotional deal, and were in-sync, could fuse with each other, into a strong being called Chronos Prime. Chronos Prime was strong like the Oracle. Chronos Prime could destroy matter though, unlike the Oracle. You are the four children, the Warper, who manifest powers over the earth, the Defender, who manifest powers over water, the Protector, who manifest powers over air, and the Keeper, who manifest powers over fire.”

“That would explain why…” Adventurous Eye quietly spoke.

“Dangerous Eye separated her children, so that Chronos Prime could never be made, but that came with a cost, Dangerous Eye had another set of children, the Totems. The Totems were protectors in disguise of the children. There were 4 Totems, Silver Tornado, Lucky Joker, Red Thunder, and Shaky Skunk. The 4 Totems protected over you and made sure your adopted parents knew what to do with you.”

“So basically, you left us at birth…? Not able to control our powers, you could’ve told us what we were, and how to control ourselves, but no, you didn’t.”White Ice stormed off, and walked upstairs, as Scary Rhino followed her, and Adventorous Eye did too.

“Mommy…?” Zany Panda, and jumped in Dangerous Eye’s arms.

“Mommy.” Dangerous Eye confirmed and kissed Zany Panda’s forehead.


Mythical Monday Episode 5

Book One: PPA Rookie

Chapter Five: Keeper Intake

The PPA watched the man engulfed in flames wake up. He woke up with certainly a start, his eyes flashing a green, that everyone loved;a confused look on his face.

“Where am I? What happened?” The man, who seemed like a teenage now, asked, his voice certaintly deep.

“You’re in the bed of Dangerous Eye, you went crazy. You were in some panic mode, you lit on fire, and you wouldn’t stop attacking, Scary Rhino, Zany Panda, and White Ice.” LJ stated.

“Well thanks for helping me, the name’s Adventurous Eye. I go by Heatstroke, and I have this weird power to light myself on fire, and use fire at my will and command.” Adventurous Eye explained.

“I understand, that is so.”Dangerous Eye said. “Joker, Thunder it is time the children know. It is time, they know the truth about who they are, the time has come.”

“Children?!”Scary Rhino asked.

“Yes, my child, come, we have much to tell you.” Dangerous Eye explained as she walked downstairs into a opening secret passage.

“This ought to be good.” White Ice said.

Scary Rhino and Zany Panda laughed as Adventorous Eye got out of bed and walked downstairs with them.

Red Thunder and Lucky Joker looked both ways, and closed the passage, and ran down the stairs.

“My children, this is your inheritance, you are the CHILDREN OF THE ORACLE!

Mythical Monday Episode 4

(I felt very very bad for not posting last week, so I’m posting this now, and I’m posting the fifth chapter as well!)

Book One: PPA Rookie

Chapter 4: Heatstroke

A week later…

“I think it’s coming close to time to tell them, what they really are.” Silver Tornado announced as Dangerous Eye sung vigorously, very melodic and smoothing tunes, to calm everyone.

Scary Rhino and White Ice were upstairs and Zany Panda was continually checking on them.

“I’d see them wanting to know now.” Lucky Joker stated. Red Thunder seemed to disagree which brought a gigantic mess, of arguments and debates.

“Stop, while you can and do not let yourselves be engulfed in rage. My children, they will know when the time comes.” Dangerous Eye went back to messing with plants and singing.

A green-eyed Scary Rhino, Zany Panda and White Ice walked downstairs and outside, as Dangerous Eye watched them, she walked outside to see what they were doing.

A man in a flame-engulfing suit was there, sending out radiation blasts, like it was nothing, Dangerous Eye told Lucky Joker to get the special suits if they were coming out.

Scary Rhino, teleported behind him, and White Ice, summoned a shield out of no matter whatsoever, in her hands, while Zany Panda’s gauntlets attacked the man.

Dangerous Eye ran out, and grab the children, only forgetting that Scary Rhino could teleport, and he teleported White Ice and Zany Panda to help him fight the man.

“Why, do you hurt me, Heatstroke…” His palm lit on fire as he flew into the air, and threw constant fireballs, at White Ice. White Ice fell on the ground and that’s when Zany Panda was enraged.

Scary Rhino teleported and grabbed Heatstroke, choking her, then Zany Panda, attacked Heatstroke. Heatstroke then, fell to the ground, the suit coming off and a cloak forming with a staff in his hand, and Zany Panda was magically was put in gladiator-like armor.

The two fought until White Ice was conscious again, and that’s when Dangerous Eye said, “We’ve found the Keeper.”

Mythical Monday Episode 3

Hey, everyone, welcome to the 3rd episode of Mythical Monday. I’m Dangerous Eye, the writer of this book, which I can confirm will have 12 chapters, before Season 2 kicks in 🙂

Book One: PPA Rookie

Chapter Three: Warp Kid

In the PPA base….

“Get them into the ICU!! Stat!” The nurse yelled.

Red Thunder and Lucky Joker stood in a corner. Red Thunder was talking to Lucky Joker about what happened to White Ice.

“They are the ones.”Red Thunder proclaimed.

“I believe so, Red Thunder, why else would White Ice combust of magic like that, and why would Scary Rhino’s eyes glow red afterwards and he talk in weird tongue?” They theorized until Silver Tornado came by.

“We got the Children of the Oracle before Icicle could.” Silver Tornado looked into Red Thunder and Lucky Joker’s eyes.

“Zany Panda, White Ice and Scary Rhino, all three of them. We need to get with Dangerous Eye, she knows the most about the Children of the Oracle, since she’s the Oracle herself.”Red Thunder opened up his phone, calling Dangerous Eye.

“When will we tell White Ice and Zany Panda that highter significance in the PPA isn’t being part of the higher ups, and that they aren’t second and fifth in command, and that they are in another part of the PPA completely?” Silver Tornado asked.

Dangerous Eye walked into the room with a veil over her eyes, “We shall tell them once I make sure they are ok, and once I teach them.”

Red Thunder nodded his head as Silver Tornado jumped back surprised by Dangerous Eye’s entrance.

“Scary Rhino is the Warper, White Ice is the Defender and Zany Panda is the Protector, we just have to find the Keeper.” Dangerous Eye proclaimed.

“We shall find them Dangerous Eye, do not worry.” Red Thunder assured.

More into the Plotline, and so quickly…it’ll all be explained soon, well thanks for reading this Mythical Monday! And remember, keep reading, keep blogging, keep playing and POP on!