Theoretical Thursday: The Colorizer?!


We all know the Colorizer Card, the card which used to be expensive and rare, which everyone bought for obvious reasons, right? (Original cost was 250 credits)


And we’ve also heard of the Colorizer on Home island, which came when Home Island was released, way after the card, and completely free, right?


Well, when I was walking around the store, trying to find an outfit for The Wolf (my backup), I noticed that the Colorizer card was still in the store, even after they updated the store, even though Home Island has a completely free one, and guess what?!

THEY MADE IT 200 CREDITS MORE EXPENSIVE!!!!! Even though the Home Island colorizer is completely free! Which leads me to the actual theory of this post:

Are they going to remove the Colorizer on Home Island and force us all to buy the much-more-expensive card????

Good thing I already bought the card long ago, when the original price was still up.

For those who never bought it, well, tough luck; now you’ll have to buy it for much more.

Or maybe, the creators simply left the card up for people who want to use the Colorizer on non-SUIs. And a way to make people use up their credits and use real money to buy them :roll:. Why am I proving my own post wrong?

Anyway, thanks for reading this week’s theory, even though it’s completely rubbish because I’m unable to write theories! I hope you enjoyed my attempt at humor to make up for that.

Until next time,

White Ice (Icey)



3 thoughts on “Theoretical Thursday: The Colorizer?!

  1. LOL, I thought the same thing! A while ago when the New You shop wasent there I was going to get the colorizer card but decided not to. Glad I did! Is the colourizer card the same to the New You colorizer?

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