Topping Tuesday: Top 5 ASGs

Hey guys! It’s time to revive the weekly specials. The first one will be…

Wait for it….

Drumroll please….


That’s right, Topping Tuesdays! This segment was fairly new before the blog died, so, not much of a surprise. Lol.

Anyway, for this week it’s Top 5 ASGs. If you don’t know what an ASG is (which is very rare), check our page out! Btw, this list is based on ASGs that are on the PHB’s ASG page, not including the hundreds of other ASGs that others have created.

This list is based on the stylishness of the costume parts, rareness of the costume and/or the hand motions and is entirely in my own opinion. Enjoy! 😉


5. soy40


This ASG is definitely stylish- to me anyway. Even if the outfit doesn’t quite match, the crown-air is easily one of the best hairs of poptropica.

In fact, I would be using this hair as well, if it weren’t for the fact that I definitely do not deserve a crown, and well, I prefer longer hair 😛

I also like the football in this ASG. I personally have no interest in football and have never properly played it, and probably never will (quite the opposite of my class really, they argue about Ronaldo and Messi on a daily basis), but that poptropican-style football is cute.


4. ASGbyEvra#1


Well, well, well- an ad ASG. I usually don’t pay attention to ads unless it’s for a blog post, but dang, this costume is good.

The hair is cute, a refreshing change, black hair with neon pink highlights, and antennas as well.

The wings are not as good, though. They don’t quite fit as poptropican-style.

But, that doesn’t really matter when you notice the skirt- pretty unique, with a night-view-city-sky view, the first of its style I’ve seen on poptropica.


3. Slenderman


The creepiest of the creepy: Slenderman! The internet horror story.

This ASG is unique in the fact that it has no eyes, or facial features (apart from eye sockets) much like the myth of Slenderman (though he doesn’t have eye sockets either.).

This ASG also unique in the fact that it is almost completely appearance-accurate, when placed beside pictures of the myth. (Apart from the obvious, the eye sockets and the tie colour, although those don’t matter much.) Poptropican community members who make costumes usually find it difficult to make completely accurate as Poptropica has a very limited collection of costume parts.


2. Pumpkinhead5


I’m not even entirely sure why I put this ASG on the list. I guess this truly proves that I have no sense in colour/fashion 😛

People wouldn’t usually describe bright, neon orange as an aesthetic colour, but in this case, I do. I don’t know why. perhaps it’s because of the yellow eye-and-mouth things, or the ivy on the clothes.

Which makes me remember that I really like the ivy, it’s quite a nice and refreshing design. Looks like the doodling techniques I know I’ll never be able to master :’)



1. WKF_ASG_AN-princess (includes fire hands)


Well, the reason I love this ASG and put it as first is very obvious: Fire is and has always been my chosen element (even though I’m White ICE), especially since I’m a wildfire, the fire hands are very fitting for me. (Also reminds me of Ghost Rider 😉 )

Alright, fire hands aside, the clothes design is also nice, especially the scarf around her (non-existent) neck. I also used the shirt for my poptropican halloween costume this year (remember Cyclopice? haha), and the flowing fabric bit is similar to my scarf.



Well, that concludes this week’s list! Any recommendations for the list for next week? 🙂 Comment your opinions on this post and recommendations down below!

Until next time,

-White Ice :whiteice~2:


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