Poptropica Paranormal Tracking Agency! Coming Soon

I continue running through the swift winds, running from the One with Red Eyes. I’m scared, the eyes pierce through me like a bullet, and I feel like with every movement, I lose more energy and I feel the One with Red Eyes will grab me.

Siarcé said to run from the One with Red Eyes, not to stay near the One. She said that it’d be for my betterment. I looked around, and I saw something I was more then happy to see, a city.

I knew the One with Red Eyes didn’t like the city streets, to much for it. I ran and ran, into the streets and then I saw another thing that filled me with joy, a building with the banner, “White Ice’s Detective Agency.”

I walked into the building, huffing and puffing, panting to no end, and being interrupted, “Karla?”

Hey everyone! I’m Kali, it’s been a while yes. I barely posted, during the Reconstruction, but I’m back during the third version! I actually never left, school just was killing me.

Anyway, this is a teaser for my newest series, which is called Forever Hunters! It’s about some people teaming up to track down Paranormal Entities, known as Ones. I hope you all enjoy it, and it’ll be here very soon!


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