Mythical Monday Episode 1

Book One: PPA Rookie 
Chapter One: Scary Rhino’s Adventure

In a cave filled with fog…

“Lord Icicle, please spare me. I know I failed my mission, but a second chance is all I need and I can prove worthy.” A man in black suit cried. He sweated and cried as he waited to know his fate. He was in a cage, hovering over a bottomless pit.

“Why should I let you survive, Curious Coyote? I am the most powerful here, and I am strong, far more strong then you think or every will be.” Lord Icicle replied. He was cloaked in a red hood, but wore a white suit.
“Sir, I can prove useful.”Curious Coyote prayed as he grew agitated to know if he would die of insanity, or live to work for Lord Icicle.
“I’m afraid not, Curious Coyote.” Lord Icicle pressed a lever, and Curious Coyote’s cage was opened, and Curious Coyote screams could be heard from the top, as he fell.

On Miraculous Melodies Island

“Hey, Scary Rhino!” White Ice exclaimed.

“Hi, White Ice!” Scary Rhino replied. Scary Rhino was the town’s average hero. He didn’t do much but sometimes in rare situations he’d find himself helping someone out.
“Oh, Scary Rhino, here’s your mail!” The mailman got out his truck and handed three envelopes to Scary Rhino.

Scary Rhino walked into the Symphonic Café, and sat down. He rummaged through his mail. There was an orange envelope, a red one and a white one.

Water bill 

Message from the PPA
I opened the red one, the PPA’s message first.

Dear Scary Rhino,

I am LJ, head of the PPA or Poptropica Protector’s Alliance, we are an alliance of people no one knows about, but we’ve been saving people in Poptropica for years. 

We need you because we know of your past and you can help us. You can help us with the newest threat to Poptropica! The Cult of the Godly High Priest! 

They work for someone who goes by Lord Icicle. No one knows his real name, and he’s known to be ruthless. If you will work with us, come to 2376 Deizul Blvd in the old warehouse.

If you won’t go to 2377 Deizul Blvd to be brainwashed of this information and go out living your normal life.

                                    ~LJ, head of PPA

“I’m up for adventure, hmm, 2376 Deizul Blvd, that the same street as this café.” Scary Rhino walked towards the entrance, when he bumped into a man in a brown trench cloak, and a brown hat.

“I’m sorry.” The man rushed out the building holding on to his hat.
Strange.” Scary Rhino thought as he walked out the building. He spotted the warehouse, and ran. The breeze blew through him as he ran. He went though the back entrance.

He entered a dark room.
“We’ve been expecting you, Scary Rhino.” A man in shadows exclaimed.

“How I could’ve gone to the building over…” Scary Rhino retaliated.

“Well, we guessed. That’s how.” The man in shadows replied.





“Hello, Scary Rhino. I am White Ice, wielder on the Trident and second in command of the PPA.” White Ice, my good friend, and neighbor explained.

“I’m Red Thunder, wielder of the Scimitar and third in command of the PPA.” The man in the brown trenchcloak came from the shadows and had different cloths on.

“I’m Silver Tornado, wielder of the Axe and fourth in command of the PPA.” A woman I saw on the streets of the island many times.

“I’m Zany Panda, wielder of the Rapier and fifth in command of the PPA.” I’d never seen her before but she looked familiar.

“I’m Dangerous Eye, wielder of the Scythe and sixth in command of the PPA.” I knew Dangerous Eye, she was my sister’s best friend in high school.

Then someone I knew all too well walked out the shadows, the mayor and Head of the LJ, “I’m Lucky Joker, Head of The PPA, First in Command, and wielder of the Crossbow.”

“I’m Scary Rhino, new to the PPA, and awesome kid from down the block.”
I HOPE EVERYONE LOVES THIS NEW SERIES WE ARE WORKING ON! I AM! This is Mythical Monday’s following the story of Scary Rhino and the PPA, the official fanfiction (book) series is called Cult of Daemons.


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