Avatar Studio Glitch

An Avatar Studio Glitch, more commonly known as an ASG, is a method to obtain items that are not usually costumizable from other people’s accounts.

This glitch is performed by loading the username of the account you wish to copy in the Poptropica Avatar Studio, while having your own avatar logged in and on a non-SUI island, and refreshing Poptropica after loading the username.

However, there are three catches in this awesome costumizing method:
1. Not every account is ASG-able
2. If the account is ASG-able, it will change your entire appearance into the account that you entered into the Avatar Studio, including eyes, mouth, skin colour, as well as hair, clothes and basically everything. So, it will be quite hard to switch back to your original outfit.
3. ASGing will change the gender of your Poptropican if you selected an ASG-able account of the opposite gender.

ASG-able accounts are only accounts that are wearing either the jetpack (early poptropica), the bowtie (spy island) or the chameleon suit (spy island).

For a list of ASG-able cool rare costumes, click here, on the PHB,

Also, if you’re interested in making your own ASG, remember to wear one of those items above when you’re done, and not have the Avatar Studio open when you are putting on one of those items. Keeping it on will mess up the process.