Poptropica Fan Art #1

Hey guys! It’s White Ice over here. Five pieces of Poptropica fan art were created recently! Two were by Lucky Joker, one was by me, one was by Brave Hero and one was by WimpyKidFan.


Those 2 were by LJ. The first one is of me in my Poppies outfit, and the second one is of Brave Dolphin in her Poppies outfit. Aren’t they adorable and amazing?😀


And this one is a drawing of LJ by me. I know I suck at drawing😛

This next one is by Brave Hero on Discord!






The last one was done by WimpyKidFan, and it is one of Lucky Joker.

Poptropican Concept art.png


Anyway, from now on whenever one of the authors(or friends of the authors) makes fan art, we’ll feature them here😀

Until next time,

White Ice



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