Fashion Friday: Week 1

Hi everyone! I’m Lucky Joker bringing you the first Fashion Friday line of costumes!

Cool Costume Ideas:

A cluster of the POP team and I have all developed these incredible looks you need to try! I hope you like them!

Dangerous Eye – Rachel Elizabeth Dare


This outfit is inspired by the wildlife loving, Rachel, from the Percy Jackson series.

Hair: Nothing Special. Find this in “New You” on Home Island or Costumize in a common room or friend’s list.

Outfit: The outfit consists of the Psychedelic T-Shirt from the store, and the pants are costumizable from pretty much anywhere.

Paint Brush: This item is from Slanted Fish’s closet. Add her. You guessed it! Her username is Slantedfish!


Lucky Joker – Waldo or Wally

My costume is based off the character Waldo/Wally from the fun, slightly annoying series, “Where’s Waldo?”scecxewc

Hair: This is the head item from the Fall Fashion Outfit, which you can get from the store.

Face: The glasses are found on the woman in the Queequegg’s Coffeehouse on Back Lot Island. Any smile works for this! I got mine from “New You” on Hub Island.

Outfit: You can find the mime shirt and suspenders in Downtown Counterfeit Island. The pants are costumizable from anywhere. The satchel can be costumized from anywhere. However, this is pretty hard to come by.

Hand: Little Candy Cane- This can be found in the store.


White Ice – Percy Jackson (Female Version)

This look is inspired by Percy Jackson himself, now modified to fit the female Poptropican. snap

Hair: Obtain this by purchasing Rockstar 2 from the store.

Outfit: I can’t remember the origin of the shirt, but I have it saved in my closet. Just add me; Julian0608 (Special thanks to shirokurokuma on discord/ Smart Knuckle on Poptropica for allowing me to Costumize)

Feel free to add her as well: iloveminecraftawyeah

Hand: Poseidon’s trident- You can earn this while playing Mythology Island



Silver Tornado – Medieval Fairy

This attire is an original and very creative.fgj This is how you can replicate it!

Hair: You can find this in the store a part of the Fairy Queen costume.

Outfit: Shirt- Get this from the Icarus Costume. If you’re not a member, you can ASG it. (icarusasg#1) Pants- Can be obtained from anywhere on Poptropica.

Hand: Dagger- unknown origin, ASG (nyxasg)

The remainder of this costume can be accessed through Silver’s closet, so make sure to add her! UN: lotusgirl3


Well, that concludes our very first line of costume ideas! Stay tuned for more next week! POP on!😀


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