Moana Ad: Lego Edition


Hey Hop-tropicans! G is back with a new advertisement!

The advertisement is Lego Moana, and all you have to do is watch a video!


After you watch it, you’ll get the prize called Crazy Kakamora.


When you press the spacebar while equipped, the Kakamora will go crazy across your screen!


It’s actually quite satisfying, and remember, don’t judge an ad prize by it’s card.

What do you think? Anyway, goodbye everyone!


The Ad that Paid Poptropica a Lot Extra


Hey guys! We’re back from our long hiatus! Have you noticed the fab new header, background, theme, favicon, and some new members to the team?! Well, I sure have! (is it bad that I’m highkey proud of that header that I just finished making?) I’ll let the new authors have their intro posts later.

Anyway, it’s time for another Poptropica Ad! This time a lot different, as Home Island got a full makeover too. Seems that Disney paid Poptropica a lot more than usual for this particular ad. I guess they’re trying to make Moana as big a hit as Frozen was? Maybe this tactic will work, maybe it won’t.


Get it? Get it? The first letter of my real name is M! (bad joke, I know)

Anyway, back to Moana, will be in theaters on 23rd November (for the US anyway),the first Polynesian princess Disney has gotten. The Home Island makeover for it is quite stylish, although not my type of thing. Perhaps this is why Poptropica decided to make a ‘beach’ theme, even though it’s the middle of autumn for those who live in the Northern Hemisphere. (Poptropica logic, amiright?)

And finally, the actual ad entrance:


Courtesy of former POP author, Lucky Joker (later photos as well)

Inside, the first game is basically another dodging game, where you are on a raft and have to avoid obstacles such as rocks, seaweed, and whirlpools. You have five lives, as represented by the sailboats at the top of your screen, and you’ll have to complete the entire game without losing all your five lives, or you won’t get the game prizes. Not such a hard task, eh?

Anyway, here are the game prizes:

Poptropica Disney Moana Ad prize cards 1.png

Water Power (which you see Moana use in the trailer) and a Hei Hei Hat.

There still is another game; A timed search, (another overused ad game) where you have to find all the missing parts to Moana’s canoe in 2 mintues. You only need to find 4 parts. (For 2 minutes???)


The prizes are a Pua Follower, and Water Burst.

And that concludes another very boring ad, but hopefully not-as-boring movie! At least we got a slight change in the ad, a whole makeover.

Are you looking forward to Moana? Do you think it will be a better movie than Frozen? (Well, I don’t go to the cinema for animation moves anymore, but that doesn’t mean it’s not worth it…)

Until next time,

– White Ice :whiteice~2:


Middle School: The Worst Years of this one person’s life.

Yo yo yo poptropican’s! Red here with another ad post!(At least Poptropica still adds ads to it’s game.)


screenshot_711This one is for the new movie Middle School: The worst years of my life, based on the book series by James Patterson. In front of the building the main character of the movie, Rafe, tells you to go inside but watch out for the principal. So go inside and you’ll see the pranks from the movie trailer on the walls of the ad.

screenshot_713Unlike the ads before, this is not a common room. Go ahead and talk to Rafe and you’ll play a minigame. All you have to is run and jump. All you pretty much have to do is hold your mouse on the top right corner of the screen.

You get the paint gun and a whoopie cushion as your prizes for outrunning the principal.

You can watch the trailer beside the principal. I feel like I’ve seen the whoopie cushion before and it’s mechanics. I know! It’s from Night Watch! Anyways, See-ya everyone!