Island Walkthrough: S.O.S.


Hey guys! This is White Ice, bringing to you a walkthrough of S.O.S. Island! Let’s get started.

When you land on the island, go to the left, and you’ll see some passengers escaping the sinking ship. One of the crew of the ship will then ask you to help evacuate the remaining passengers(why can’t she do it herself huh?).


The entrance of the ship is blocked, so go up to the top of

Screenshot_264the ship(go up using the left side) and you’ll see a huge chunk of snow just waiting to be pushed. Go ahead and push it, and it’ll break up the ice covering the entrance.
Screenshot_266Head in, and go to the Bridge, which is right beside the exit door. Go up to the second level, and talk to the captain. Then, turn the knob to the left so it that turns green.Screenshot_265

Now, after talking to the Captain, you’ll be able to go in the locked rooms. Go ahead and go intoRoom 6, and you’ll see this guy stuck in a mountain of junk. Help him get up, and he’ll give you aWhale Caller.Screenshot_302


After you save the whale fanatic guy, the ship will sink even more. Now, you’ll drown in the ship if you don’t get to air fast enough.


Head into the ballroom, and when you go in there will be woman stranded on the chandelier(I’M GONNA SWING ON THE CHANDELIER) because she can’t swim. Swim to the juice bar, and pick up the bottle there.

Screenshot_309Now, swim over to the stairs, where you came in, and click on the bottle on your bottom left corner. Shoot the cap through the gap in the wall, and it’ll break the glass and release more water, thus letting the woman stand on something floating.


Screenshot_316Go to the left widow, and do the same thing. The water level will rise even more.

Now, push her towards the stairs.  (Honestly, why doesn’t she know how to swim???) Yay! You’ve saved one more passenger.

Screenshot_318The bad news is, the ship is now angled at 90 degrees. Yikes. Enter the ship by climbing to the top. It might take a few tries, as the snow is really slippery. Head to the bottom, and stop where the water begins. You’ll see a gadget, so click on that. It will raise the water level, and enable you to go in the vents.

Screenshot_321We’re in the ballroom again! As you swim up, watch out for the jellyfish lurking about(just like Red Thunder, right?)  Swim to the top, and you’ll see a valve spraying something blue. Change the direction of the yellow arrows, and make the blue end of the pipes flow to the red end.


Head up, and you’ll see a girl who’s stuck behind steam.

So, basically just turn the valves, then go to the other end(same colour) then turn the other valve.


When you get the steam to stop, she will only leave the ship when you tell her the captain told her to leave. Then, when you get to the iceberg, you will tell her that you lied. She will get angry, but then will give you herPipe Wench.

Now, head back in the ship. The previous entrance you used on the top is now blocked, so head in through the side.

Go down and to the bottom left and head down, then exit in the ballroom through the white door. Then, go up and enter the vent. When you enter the vent, go into the freezer.Screenshot_331

Screenshot_332When you go into the freezer, break the crates and bring the frozen chef out. Then, push him out of the freezer. The path to microwave him is a little complicated. I got stuck a few times.

  1. Push him to the right and down
  2. Push him to the left
  3. Push the crate under him down. All the way down to the whole.
  4. Push him to the left, over the crate, then right.
  5. Push the crate under him all the way down, not the corner hole on the left, so that he doesn’t get stuck later
  6. Don’t push him down yet. Go down first, and push the lettuce box over the crate that we pushed into the hole.

Push him down, then to the right, then left, and beside the oven

Yay! You’ve saved another passenger! But the Captain is still on board(why don’t they go and save him?). So, head in and swim to the exit on the left, then in the ballroom, swim up to the vent in the top left corner. Avoid the air currents and the jellyfish. Then, you’ll be in the main hall. Swim to the vent on the right.

Here is where it get tricky. Avoid the squids, and make sure you have enough oxygen, or you’ll have to start over. When you’re done, you’ll reach here. Screenshot_336

The captain is in the next room.

Swim around to the bottom left, and you’ll find the captain. He’ll think that you’ll never make it out of the ship.

Use the Whale Song Gadget and the pipe wench to call the whale to help you. The whale will eat you, then… Blow you out again?!

When you go back to the iceberg, the captain will give you his medallion.


Until next time,

White Ice