Mythical Monday Episode 5

Book One: PPA Rookie

Chapter Five: Keeper Intake

The PPA watched the man engulfed in flames wake up. He woke up with certainly a start, his eyes flashing a green, that everyone loved;a confused look on his face.

“Where am I? What happened?” The man, who seemed like a teenage now, asked, his voice certaintly deep.

“You’re in the bed of Dangerous Eye, you went crazy. You were in some panic mode, you lit on fire, and you wouldn’t stop attacking, Scary Rhino, Zany Panda, and White Ice.” LJ stated.

“Well thanks for helping me, the name’s Adventurous Eye. I go by Heatstroke, and I have this weird power to light myself on fire, and use fire at my will and command.” Adventurous Eye explained.

“I understand, that is so.”Dangerous Eye said. “Joker, Thunder it is time the children know. It is time, they know the truth about who they are, the time has come.”

“Children?!”Scary Rhino asked.

“Yes, my child, come, we have much to tell you.” Dangerous Eye explained as she walked downstairs into a opening secret passage.

“This ought to be good.” White Ice said.

Scary Rhino and Zany Panda laughed as Adventorous Eye got out of bed and walked downstairs with them.

Red Thunder and Lucky Joker looked both ways, and closed the passage, and ran down the stairs.

“My children, this is your inheritance, you are the CHILDREN OF THE ORACLE!


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