Theoretical Thursday: The Colorizer?!


We all know the Colorizer Card, the card which used to be expensive and rare, which everyone bought for obvious reasons, right? (Original cost was 250 credits)


And we’ve also heard of the Colorizer on Home island, which came when Home Island was released, way after the card, and completely free, right?


Well, when I was walking around the store, trying to find an outfit for The Wolf (my backup), I noticed that the Colorizer card was still in the store, even after they updated the store, even though Home Island has a completely free one, and guess what?!

THEY MADE IT 200 CREDITS MORE EXPENSIVE!!!!! Even though the Home Island colorizer is completely free! Which leads me to the actual theory of this post:

Are they going to remove the Colorizer on Home Island and force us all to buy the much-more-expensive card????

Good thing I already bought the card long ago, when the original price was still up.

For those who never bought it, well, tough luck; now you’ll have to buy it for much more.

Or maybe, the creators simply left the card up for people who want to use the Colorizer on non-SUIs. And a way to make people use up their credits and use real money to buy them :roll:. Why am I proving my own post wrong?

Anyway, thanks for reading this week’s theory, even though it’s completely rubbish because I’m unable to write theories! I hope you enjoyed my attempt at humor to make up for that.

Until next time,

White Ice (Icey)



Theoretical Thursday: Disappearance


SPOILERS for islands but you probably completed them. (This doesn’t have much to do with disappearance actually.)

Yo, yo, yo Poptropicans! Yes I know I’m not Lucky Joker. That’s right I can read your minds(not really though). But it is rude to talk about someone who’s listening. Now for my theory.

How did all the villains get captured and put into one prison even after they were all put into different prisons? For right now though I’m going to talk about 4, Captain Crawfish, Black Widow, Dr.Hareand Binary Bard.Well we all know they were able to escape from Super Villain Island but what about before they were in there? If you finished their islands you saw that Captain Crawfish got left on Skullduggery Island, Black Widow in prison,Binary Bard and Dr.Harein deep space.

But how did they all get out of wherever they were? Sure, Zeus could’ve freed Crawfish and Black Widow, but Dr.Hare and Binary Bard? Nope! He’s the king of the sky, but not space. Someone else must have freed them, but who could’ve done it? Who has enough power to do it and may work with Zeus? Maybe we are just over thinking a game for kids. NAH! But who do you think could’ve done it? Leave your answers in the comments below!


Theoretical Thursday: Origin of Poptropica PT 4


Hey everyone it is I, Dangerous Eye, with the final pinpoint of Theoretical Thursday’s continuous series, Origin of Poptropica! Without further adieu…

Origin of Poptropica PT 4: Revealed

The Creator revealed himself to you, in the mystical temples of Asgard, putting forward puzzles and many obstacles along the way, the islands of Poptropica.

In the ruined temple of Asgard, the Creator finally did his final deed and gave you, Svaldifir.

Well thanks guys, for reading my lame butt first ever theory, most of my newer theories are more supported with evidence. Anyway,keep reading, keep blogging and keep playing and POP on!

Theoretical Thursday: Origin of Poptropica PT 2


Hello, and welcome to the second part of the Origin of Poptropica theory. I got a lot of great support on the first part, so I’m going to put all the other parts up 1-4, which means I’m in charge of Theoretical Thursday for the whole month of July! But without further adieu here is the part 2 of the theory.

Origin of Poptropica

Part 2: Recleanse

As the Creator had reawaken, the world he created had been in terrible shape, thieves and more. The Creator had to put a stop to this. He decided to recleanse the First World by giving whoever was unworthy the plague. This is how the First World became Early Poptropica, and the next two islands were created Early Poptropica, where the humans reconnected with trades from other islands, and Poptropolis Games!

The Creator was satisfied with this realm, but he stopped at his tracks, and turned his unknown island into an establishment, with something incredible, a map of all Poptropica! He made this island, Mystery of the Map and on he went into more creation, and the map would auto-regenerate with new islands

There it is, part 2 isn’t as long as Part 1 or 4, but it is definitely a crucial part of the theory! Introducing what the map was and when it was created. Anyway, thanks for tuning into this part of Theoretical Thursday, I love you guys, POP on!

You can read part 1 of the theory here!

Theoretical Thursday: Origin of Poptropica PT 1

Hey Poptropicans! It’s me DE, the newest PoP author, and I’ve been doing a lot of blogposts getting ready for you guys. Just so happens I’m doing this too, and the Fashion Friday😀 and my new series which is coming out on Monday at 12:00 AM CST! So be ready for all that, but here is the Origins of Poptropica!

Origin of Poptropica
Part 1: The Creation
In the First World, there was only the Creator, a lonely man, with only three possessions, clothing, food, and a hammer named Svadilfari, which had the Creator’s power bestowed on it, creation at its finest.

The Creator himself was very civilized himself, but had a very uncivilized look. The Creator soon created the First World, the First Island, which was therefore named Mythology Island. The Island of Mythology, was created as a sleeping home for the Creator. As the Creator grew lonely he created three new races, the first, were the Gods, they were the most like the Creator and could create full civilizations by themselves.

Next were the Genies, they could create anything all it took was a wish, therefore they’re power was locked in lamps, and limited to three wishes for everyone.
Finally were the humans, who could create anything if they put their mind to it. That’s how the humans became what we call the First Fathers of Poptropica, because of how they advanced civilization. At this point the First World was not Poptropica.
Afterwards, the Creator created two more islands, what is now known as Arabian Nights Island, and an unknown island to man, where the Creator would often sleep. But his creation was not finished, the first humans and genies traveled to Arabian Nights and created civilization there as well, and better lamps to concentrate the genies. As this all happened, the Creator himself fell asleep, allowing for a long creation period of a new world

I hope you enjoyed that theory! This is actually a pretty long theory, so it will have to be divided up! But I hope you liked it, and until next time, POP on!