24 Carrot Island Walkthrough


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Island Guide

You’ll find yourself in a barren town. Speak to Mayor McTeague, and he’ll tell you that all of the carrots have vanished. Oh dear! Walk left into the Carrot Farm, and go to the boarded up house. Climb up the roof, and enter through the chimney.


Now that you’re inside the house, pick up the Empty Bowl, and leave the house through the fireplace.


Go back to Main Street, and go inside the Carrot King Diner. Talk to Flo, the waitress, and ask her to fill your bowl with milk. She’ll say yes, and the bowl will now be a Bowl of Milk.


Exit the diner, and go back to the house in the Carrot Farm. You’ll place the bowl on the floor. Next, climb up the black rope on the right to get to the second floor.

On the second floor, go left, until you reach the bathroom. Turn on one of the faucets, and Whiskers the cat will jump out of the bathtub, and run to the bottom floor.


Once he drinks the milk, he’ll gain your trust and follow you.


Guide the cat to Charlie’s Carrot Surplus Co., a shop on Main Street. Return Whiskers to Charlie, and she’ll give you a Crowbar for free.


Back on Main Street, walk right, and go to the Factory. Climb onto the roof of the carrot cake factory, and grab the Vent Blueprints sticking out of the window.


Jump down on the toxic waste barrels. Click on the pipe to pry it open, using your crowbar. Now you can enter the factory.


You’ll now be in the factory sewers. Move left, and take the Carrot Transporter lying on the ground. This device will transport you outside the factory.


Jump on the ledge, and run across the red trapdoors. Avoid falling down! In the pipes above will be a rat. Dodge the rat by going through the pipe above it, then go up the pipe.


You’ll now be in the Engine Room. On the master engine machine, pull down the first and third levers halfway, and the middle level down all the way.


Next, climb the platforms, then wait for the moving claw. When the claw arrives, jump on top of it, and you’ll be transported to the other side. Enter the vents. You’ll now be in the vent system. Use the blueprint to guide you to the Processing Room.

Vent System Schematic Blueprints

On the way, you’ll get the Wire Cutters.


Once you’re in the Processing Room, fall to the bottom of the room, and let the security guard capture you. You’ll be teleported to the Freezer room.

Click on the power box labelled “Security System”, and cut all the wires. The security system will now be shut off.


Climb up the crates, then go back in the vents. Now, make your way to the Printer Room. In the Printer Room, avoid getting hit by the falling crates, or you’ll be knocked back. Disable the mind-controlled drone that’s standing near the printer by distracting her, then pressing the power button between the rabbot ears.

She’ll hand you a printout with the System Password (fuzzybunny) on it. Head back to the vents, and go back to the Processing Room.

Now that you’re in the Processing Room, jump to the bottom of the room, and rescue the two drones.

Go over to the right, and click on the exit. You’ll fall down a trapdoor, and land in the Smelter Room.

Jump down the red platform, and land on the conveyor belt. Run across the conveyor belt, but be quick, or you may be flattened into a pancake! Jump on the pipe, and then jump on the platform. Pick up the Drone Ears, put them on, then go through the pipe. You’ll now be back in the Processing Room.


Go through the big metal doors from before, and you’ll find yourself in the Rabbot Room. Thinking you’re hypnotised, Dr. Hare will order you to go to the computer and start the launch sequence.


Climb up the giant Rabbot, and go to the platform on the right. Disable the drone, otherwise he won’t let you use the computer.


Turn on the computer by clicking on it. Enter the password “fuzzybunny”, then enter the command “launch rabbot”.

Using the joystick, steer the rabbot into the meteors. After four hits, the rabbot will be destroyed and Dr. Hare will fall out.

Dr. Hare’s plans have been foiled! To exit the factory, climb the rope, or use the Carrot Transporter to transport yourself outside the factory.

Back on Main Street, you’ll see that 24 Carrot Island is already back to its former glory!

Mayor McTeague will present you the Island Medallion and some credits. Congratulations, you’ve completed 24 Carrot Island!



Island Walkthrough: Big Nate

Hello everyone. I’m Lucky Joker and today I will walk you through yet another sponsored island. This time around, I will show you how to complete Poptropica’s eighth island, Big Nate Island! Let’s get into it!

The Story:

Everyone in town is looking for a time capsule that was hidden a century ago, and we’re going to find it, in order to save the school. On second thought, let’s not save the school! Haha! Just kidding. We have to, in order to get the medallion.

Comical Findings:

As soon as you land on this colourful island, you will be bombarded by a young boy we all know as, Big Nate– the kid who is known for getting the most detentions in school. You can click through all of the speech bubbles, but to save time, I recommend just clicking the last one. We are going to need to find eight pieces of a comic and put them together, once found.

The first piece is on the green couch, at the top level, in the Pop-In Shoppe.
The second is in the “Say Cheese” photo studio. Jump up, when you enter, to see it.
The third is on top of the telephone pole, just above the photo studio.
The next piece is found in the school’s hallway.
Obtain the fifth piece is in the top left corner of the Science Lab.
The sixth is on the right side, outside of the school.
The seventh piece is found near the top left of the playground. Get it by jumping to it.
The last one is on the very top of the Lighthouse on the beach.

Now that we’ve found all of the pieces to the comic, head into the Pop-In Shoppe, and talk to Gordie. Examine your comic and put it in this order. ▼

Walkthrough Wednesday Big Nate.png


An awesome comic will be shown, but you’ll notice a locker combo– which we’re going to need. For completing this feat, Gordie will giving you some chewing gum.

School Nettlesome:

Run to the school and assemble the comic once more. Then click on the messy locker in the hallway, and enter the combination. Whoosh! We go flying out!

Walkthrough Wednesday Big Nate.png

Now that that happened, walk over to the left and click on the pile. You’ll find a blueprint; only to see, what appears to be, a secret entrance to a secret room, in the detention hall! We need to get in there some how. But before that, walk into the Science Lab. We need to make a Stink Bomb using the chemical set. Pretty cool right? Click the kit and get started. To get the perfect formula, you’ll need to pour in some certain amounts of the chemicals into the beaker.


Walkthrough Wednesday Big Nate

Walkthrough Wednesday Big Nate

After you fill up the beaker with the contents needed, set the heat and… Voila! A stink bomb! Now head to the hallway near the detention room and use your gum to chew. Mrs. Godfrey will pop out of the door, literally, and demand you into the room. When you’re in, use your stink bomb to get her out. Being alone in the room now, you can enter the secret room, through the filing cabinet. What in the world is the purpose of this room, and why do you have to enter from a cabinet?! You’d think this school would have at least one classroom! Anyway, turn on the power switch and get the bell clapper hanging from the ceiling. Now, exit the school and go to Puffin Point.

Scuba Diver:

Jump to the top of the lighthouse, and look through the telescope. Move it to the right, Walkthrough Wednesday Big Nateuntil your Poptropican notices a piece of paper. Then go ahead and close. Jump down to the left, off of the lighthouse, and snatch the flying piece of paper on your way down. You have just obtained the Old Photograph. Now, go and give it to the “school picture guy” in the photo studio.  In return, you will receive some Scuba Gear. Pretty descent trade, if you ask me.

Child’s Play:

Head to the right, pass the school and onto the next screen. Make your way up the jungle gym, and yes, Nate will follow you. Congratulations! You have a stalker. Anyway, enter the Kids Only clubhouse at the top of the play structure. Now, click on any of the games inside, which include: Go To Jail (aka Hangman) and Table Football. They’re both pretty self explanatory. So, have fun! For winning Go To Jail, you will earn Peanut Butter Crackers, and for winning Table Football, you will receive a Practical Jokes booklet, illustrated by Nate himself. Playing Table Football isn’t mandatory, as the prize we win isn’t vital to complete the island. All for good fun!

Now that we’ve had our fun, run to Puffin Point.

Aqua Adventures:Walkthrough Wednesday Big Nate.png

Put on your aqua gear, and get to ready to dive in the waters!

*You might want to read this before diving because you can run out of oxygen whileWalkthrough Wednesday Big Natetrying to read and play simultaneously. 

Dive in, and swim all the way to the right. Then swim down and grab the lobster trap. You can swim to the surface going back the way you came; or you can let your oxygen run out and surface automatically. Either way works!

Talk to the man standing there, and hand him the trap. He’ll give you the lobster inside and the keys to his jet ski. Nice! With that done, it’sWalkthrough Wednesday Big Nate time to ride the jet ski! We still need to get that paper we saw through the telescope earlier. Remember? Click the jet ski to start riding, but, woah! Nate comes running and wants to race! It’s on! The goal is to beat Nate to the end of the way, and to jump over objects like TV’s, penguins etc. You also have to avoid falling eggs. To jump, just click your mouse.

The easiest way, I found to beat him, is to go all of the way to the right of the screen, and count “123 jump!”. When you say “jump”, you click. To get the paper, push both seals to the left of the balanced rock, to expose it. Then just click it, and you have it. It’s a map to the capsule everybody’s been looking for! Now go back left to Puffin Point

Saving the day!

To clear the playground of children, we’ll need to ring the bell. Jump on top of the lighthouse, and use your lobster to crank the light– to face the other direction. The light will shine at the bird, forcing it to fly away. Now tinging the bell is possible, where it wasn’t before. Go on top of the school and use your bell clapper to ring it. The kids will go in fro their recess, and clear the way. Now, go to the playground. Place your Peanut Butter Crackers at about the spot that is shown below. The dog will feast, and dig up the capsule! Drag it out and open it. Nate will get the credit, but you’ll get the Island Medallion!

Walkthrough Wednesday Big Nate.png

Walkthrough Wednesday Big Nate.png

That was a pretty easy, yet fun island. It’s not very time consuming, and it’s just very entertaining. Hope you found this helpful. If not, let me know in the comments on things you’re having trouble with. POP on!

Island Walkthrough: Monster Carnival

Discord Screenshot

Hey guys! It’s White Ice. Welcome to this blog’s third walkthrough, Monster Carnival Island! Let’s get to it.

Part 1: Morning

Once you land on the island, talk to this woman, and she’ll show you a newspaper about the carnival.

monstar carnivalmonstar carnival.png

Then, head over to the right, and talk to Edgar the trainee. He’s afraid that the carnival won’t be ready in time, and he asks you for help. He’ll run to the right to the carnival. Follow him. Talk to the Duck Game and Fried Dough carnies. They’ll both have problems that you have to fix. The Fried Dough lady will give you a sugar formula.

monstar carnival  Screenshot_60

Now, go back to Main Street and into the Apothecary. Talk to the elderly man at the desk. You can just skip to the third speech bubble. He will then give you a salt formula, your second item. Head up the stairs and onto the shelf holding these two compounds, and click on each one. Now head down to the big machine to make the salt. A little game will pop up on the screen.

monstar carnival   monstar carnival.png

What you wanna do, is to click all of the compounds until you pair them all up. Blues with blues and yellows like yellows. Once your finished, give Grandpa Joker the salt you’ve just made. Remember that sugar formula the lady gave us? Well, since we’re here, we might as well go ahead and make it. Ask the old to use he machine once more. This time click on these two compunds and play the little game again. This time it’s purples with purples and blues with blues. After you’re done with the pairing of compounds, you will have sugar!

monstar carnival.png

monstar carnival.pngmonstar carnival






Now, exit the Apothecary and head left to Honest Gabe’s Auto Repair. As soon as you enter, the lady who owns the shop will bombard you with the question, “Car trouble?” Then we’ll say “It’s my radiator hose.” She will then give you permission to take her radiator hose. So, jump up on the shelf and get it.


After getting the hose, return to the needy showies at the carnival. Give the man the hose you’ve just acquired and he will be glad his game is working again. Next, give the lady the sugar you made in the lab. In return, she will give you some Fried Dough, which you will need later. Now run to the right to the next screen. Talk to the man with the shades running the Ferris wheel. He will tell you that the Ferris wheel isn’t working because the lever is broken. So, let’s go get one! (Because it’s always our job)Poptropica

Now run right to the next screen. You’ll see a lever on the randomly lying on the floor. Just go ahead and pick it up.


Return to the man and give him the lever. Edgar will show up, and the time will be skipped to dusk, the next part of the story.

Part 2: Dusk

Now, go ahead and talk to the boy in front of the pop-the-balloon game(not Edgar) and he’ll give you a blunted dart. That’s why the balloons won’t pop!


Head over to Honest Gabe’s and sharpen your dart in the machine on the left. Go back to the pop-the-balloon game and win it with the now-sharpened dart. Edgar will give you a souvenir cup, which will be crucial later.

After all that, go up to the second set of carnival games, to the weight guesser guy. Let him guess your weight, and of course it will be correct.


Now, head over to the apothecary and talk to the elderly guy(Grandpa Joker is that you?). He’ll let you borrow whatever you need. Click on this orange box, as shown in the picture below.


When you click on it, get the vial of osium.


Head back to the weight guesser. Let him guess your weight again, and you’ll get a bouncy ball for him guessing it wrong.

Then, go over to the strength game and play it once. It’s another cheating game, so use the bouncy ball and put it inside.


Now, go and talk to the ferris wheel guy. The ferris wheel is broken again, because you got the lever from a trash dump. There’s a teenage couple stuck in the ferris wheel.


Back to where the fried dough lady is, and get some used fry oil with your souvenir cup.


The ferris wheel will work again, and the couple will come down and go to the tunnel of love.

Then, go and talk to the guy standing in front of the tunnel of love. He’ll give you a flashlight and tell you to go to the haunted house to get a mask(to scare the teens because they’re displaying too much affection).

Go to the haunted house and go to the highest floor, and get the mask from the dummy. Now wear it, and go in the tunnel of love. They’ll run away once they see you.

Now, once you come out, the couple outside the tunnel of love will say that all the carnies just ran into the woods! Time to investigate. Let’s go!


Once you go to the woods, you’ll have to follow the trail of items left and right. This may take quite a few times.


When you finally reach it, you’ll see the carnies looking hypnotized. And turning into monsters.



After that, you run away.

Part 3: Night

Run past the monsters and follow Edgar to the ringmasters tent. He’ll say that there’s a formula to reverse the process, but the formula is with the ferris wheel guy. Now go to the ferris wheel. The ferris wheel is going too fast for you to catch him, so use the hammer and knock him down.

Now, go over to the haunted house and (here comes the scary part!) watch out for the puppet monster.It really is scary! He comes out at random times on the rooms. Go to the third floor, and on top of the shelf you can get the black lightfor your flashlight.

Head over to the duck game, and fish the ducks according to the colours of the letters in the ticket(the order varies for everyone!). Now you have the formula!

blog35 picture credits to Purple Claw-Clawtropica

Since the apothecary is closed, go to Honest Gabe’s. Hop onto the second pedestal, and press the red ‘up’ button.


Then go up to the open vent and to the vent of the apothecary. When you get there, there are old newspapers in the way, telling the tragic story of Bird Boy(who is actually ringmaster raven!).



Then, go and use all 3 of the remaining bottles. Repeat the process again. When you go back to the Ringmaster’s tent, it turns out that he is the one hypnotizing the carnies and he wants to hypnotize you too! Edgar is also hypnotized by him. To break the hypnotism spell on Edgar, use the fried doughfrom the fried dough lady. He will remember the smell. The Ringmaster will run into the mirror maze, so follow him. He will disappear into the mirrors an you have to remember which one he went into.

Photo Credit: Purple Claw-



It might take a while. After you’re done, he’ll be hyptonized and you tell him to act like a chicken. He becomes the incredible chicken man or something.

After that fiasco finishes, the carnival leaves, and they give you your medallion!

Congratulations! You have finished Monster Carnival Island