Fashion Friday: Week 4

Hello everyone! It’s Lucky Joker presenting you with the Fashion Friday’s fourth line of costumes we’ve created for you to try!

Marvel PT 2:

Yup! Marvel PT 2! We created these inspired looks based off of a few more characters from the Marvel franchise! Let’s POP into it!

 Lucky Joker – The Hulk from AvengersLJ HULK

Head: You can get this hair from “Mythology Surfer”, currently in the store.

Face: The mouth can be found on the boy standing in line, on Main Street, on Poptropicon Line Forms here.

Body: To be shirtless, you’ll have to costumize as the “Mythology Surfer” on a SUI Island. To costumize successfully, you’ll have to click this icon      ▼

costumize ppl-and costumize from the dummy.
You can get the purple pants from the “Prom King”.

(Apologies for the sleeve glitch in the picture, by the way)

White Ice – Wanda Maximoff from “The Avengers: Age of Ultron”Wanda Maximoff

Head: The bangs are on Black Widow, and the locks are from “Vampire Girl 2”.

Face: The lips can be obtained from the ASG: iPop#5. Keep in mind, this is the first step you’ll want to take. To achieve Wanda, costumize the ASG, off, afterwards.

Body: The dress is on the spy lady on Spy Island. If you’ve completed the island, it can be found in “Headquarters”. If you haven’t, the dress can be seen in “B.A.D. Bistro”on Balding Avenue.


Red Thunder – Sandman from “Spider-Man 3”costumize ppl

Hooray! Here’s an easy one for you! The entire outfit can found in “New You”. If you don’t feel like regenerating the random costume options over and over, here are some other options:

Head: The hair can be found on Bobble Boy in Dos Cactos, on Wild West Island

Face: The frown can be found the same place as the hair.

Body: The shirt can also be found in The Statue room in the Art Museum, after completing Counterfeit Island.

That’s it with Marvel for now. Who knows? Maybe we’ll do another one in the future. Thanks for stopping by, and hopefully you give these costumes a try! POP on!


Theoretical Thursday: Origin of Poptropica PT 4


Hey everyone it is I, Dangerous Eye, with the final pinpoint of Theoretical Thursday’s continuous series, Origin of Poptropica! Without further adieu…

Origin of Poptropica PT 4: Revealed

The Creator revealed himself to you, in the mystical temples of Asgard, putting forward puzzles and many obstacles along the way, the islands of Poptropica.

In the ruined temple of Asgard, the Creator finally did his final deed and gave you, Svaldifir.

Well thanks guys, for reading my lame butt first ever theory, most of my newer theories are more supported with evidence. Anyway,keep reading, keep blogging and keep playing and POP on!

Mythical Monday Episode 3

Hey, everyone, welcome to the 3rd episode of Mythical Monday. I’m Dangerous Eye, the writer of this book, which I can confirm will have 12 chapters, before Season 2 kicks in 🙂

Book One: PPA Rookie

Chapter Three: Warp Kid

In the PPA base….

“Get them into the ICU!! Stat!” The nurse yelled.

Red Thunder and Lucky Joker stood in a corner. Red Thunder was talking to Lucky Joker about what happened to White Ice.

“They are the ones.”Red Thunder proclaimed.

“I believe so, Red Thunder, why else would White Ice combust of magic like that, and why would Scary Rhino’s eyes glow red afterwards and he talk in weird tongue?” They theorized until Silver Tornado came by.

“We got the Children of the Oracle before Icicle could.” Silver Tornado looked into Red Thunder and Lucky Joker’s eyes.

“Zany Panda, White Ice and Scary Rhino, all three of them. We need to get with Dangerous Eye, she knows the most about the Children of the Oracle, since she’s the Oracle herself.”Red Thunder opened up his phone, calling Dangerous Eye.

“When will we tell White Ice and Zany Panda that highter significance in the PPA isn’t being part of the higher ups, and that they aren’t second and fifth in command, and that they are in another part of the PPA completely?” Silver Tornado asked.

Dangerous Eye walked into the room with a veil over her eyes, “We shall tell them once I make sure they are ok, and once I teach them.”

Red Thunder nodded his head as Silver Tornado jumped back surprised by Dangerous Eye’s entrance.

“Scary Rhino is the Warper, White Ice is the Defender and Zany Panda is the Protector, we just have to find the Keeper.” Dangerous Eye proclaimed.

“We shall find them Dangerous Eye, do not worry.” Red Thunder assured.

More into the Plotline, and so quickly…it’ll all be explained soon, well thanks for reading this Mythical Monday! And remember, keep reading, keep blogging, keep playing and POP on!

Look at all the people that can draw! -Pop Art Contest Finalists

Yo yo yo Poptropicans! It’s me, Red Thunder. Yeah, boring intro FTW!

Hey cool look, 2 tags! I couldn’t decide between the 2. So, uh, yeah pop art finalists. I didn’t bother to draw or enter because…1.I already have membership so there would be no point and…2.I am literally the worst drawer ever. But enough with me. I’m gonna let you look at this pop art. (Man this post is boring. The only good thing about it is the art.)


1-Month Anniversary

fi popblog 1mo.png

Hey guys, it’s White Ice over here, and today I have some AMAZING news! As of 21/7/2016, this blog has existed for 1 month! Yeah, this post is 2 days late, but who cares? Please excuse the badly-made picture. I was in a hurry.

Anyway, the team and I would like to thank you all from the bottom of our hearts(except Little Red, who claims he ‘cannot feel compassion or love’, but still wants to thank you guys) for supporting this blog since the day it was created!

I know we still have a long way to go to become an awesomeblog like the PHB, but we try our hardest to put a smile on your face every day. So thank you!

If you have just discovered this blog, be sure to check out all our posts and Weekly Specials, and please, please give us a like or follow us!

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Until next time,

White Ice

Nine Lives: Catch Mr. Fuzzypants

Hello Jokers! It’s Lucky Joker here! I’m posting, yet again, about an ad I saw on Poptropica Home Island. I won’t be doing much of these ad posts after this, unless, they come along with a pretty big update, or we need a new post on here! I’m blogging about this one because the actors/actresses in the movie are fantastic, and… I love cats! With that said, let’s POP into it!

This isn’t the first time we’ve seen the “Nine Lives” ad on Poptropica, but there are some new prizes to be earned! The first one we saw was a video/trailer ad and we earned the “Cat on the head” prize. Now, there is a game to be played, and two more prizes to collect! LUCKY LIKES PRIZES!!!


Upon going in, you’ll be given a pair of kitty cat ears that can only be worn in this room. It removes the eye item you are wearing, which is why I have not pictured it here. My eyes shall never been seen! Anyway, you’ll also see a few of the characters: Rebecca, Felix and Mr. Fuzzypants (aka Tom Brand). Click on Rebecca, and you’ll be led to a mini-game!


The object of the game is to run across the room, and to make sure you are not caught by Mr. Fuzzypants. You’ll have to jump over obstacles such as: trees, chairs, couches, boxes etc. Keep in mind, that couches and chairs are bouncy, and help you move further away from Mr. Fuzzypants. You also don’t run automatically, sou you’ll have to hold down on your mouse, and drag to the right of the screen.





At the end of the game, you’ll be rewarded with a “Cake Toss” power (just another card to annoy your friends, and your very own “Cat Follower”! So COOL!CatCat

There are also a few ads to their website. You can click any of the picture frames to get their! It’s pretty cool too! There are a few things to do like coloring, watch videos, browse through photos and watch the the trailer. It’s really cool because the site works like one of the 360° camera videos! Pretty neat!


From their website, they even have widgets to their Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter.


Nine Lives seems to be a pretty big deal, which makes me like the ad more. I definitely recommend checking it out. Also, as usual, the prizes are available for a limited time, so don’t forget to get them!

The film releases to the U.S. on the 5th of August! I might be considering to go see it myself…(No judgement please! :P)

Will you go and see Nine Lives in the theaters? Comment down Below! Until next time, POP on!

Nominate this blog for Poppies 2016!


Hey guys, it’s White Ice yet again! Have you noticed our new header and background? It’s in order to celebrate this year’s Poppies Awards! Thanks PHB for hosting this amazing activity😀

Now, if you don’t know what the Poppies are, you’re either new to the Poptropica community, or you’re just as unobservant as Harry Potter😛 (No Harry Potter fans here? No? Just me? Ok.) Anyway, the Poppies are a Poptropica version of the Oscar Awards, hosted by the Poptropica Help Blog(PHB). First, you nominate people/names/islands according to the category and what you want to nominate(Which is taking place right now). The nomination round will end on July 15. Then, the voting round will start, taking place between 16th July and 22nd July. On 26th July, the winners will be announced.

Read the official post by the PHB here!

So, as you can see in the title, the reason for making this post is……

In hopes that you guys will nominate us.

I know we are a new blog(in fact probably the newest), but we work really hard for this blog(we post nearly every day!) and we would appreciate it A LOT if you took the time to fill in the survey and nominated us for Best Active Fan Blog. We hope to at least get into the voting round, and even if we don’t win, getting into the voting round will unlock a huge achievement! Please nominate us, pretty please with a cherry on top?

Do you like the new header and theme just specially for the Poppies? I kind of think our current header is better than our normal one😛 And I love the colour gold! Please comment your opinions.

Until next time,

White Ice