Mythical Monday Episode 3

Hey, everyone, welcome to the 3rd episode of Mythical Monday. I’m Dangerous Eye, the writer of this book, which I can confirm will have 12 chapters, before Season 2 kicks in 🙂

Book One: PPA Rookie

Chapter Three: Warp Kid

In the PPA base….

“Get them into the ICU!! Stat!” The nurse yelled.

Red Thunder and Lucky Joker stood in a corner. Red Thunder was talking to Lucky Joker about what happened to White Ice.

“They are the ones.”Red Thunder proclaimed.

“I believe so, Red Thunder, why else would White Ice combust of magic like that, and why would Scary Rhino’s eyes glow red afterwards and he talk in weird tongue?” They theorized until Silver Tornado came by.

“We got the Children of the Oracle before Icicle could.” Silver Tornado looked into Red Thunder and Lucky Joker’s eyes.

“Zany Panda, White Ice and Scary Rhino, all three of them. We need to get with Dangerous Eye, she knows the most about the Children of the Oracle, since she’s the Oracle herself.”Red Thunder opened up his phone, calling Dangerous Eye.

“When will we tell White Ice and Zany Panda that highter significance in the PPA isn’t being part of the higher ups, and that they aren’t second and fifth in command, and that they are in another part of the PPA completely?” Silver Tornado asked.

Dangerous Eye walked into the room with a veil over her eyes, “We shall tell them once I make sure they are ok, and once I teach them.”

Red Thunder nodded his head as Silver Tornado jumped back surprised by Dangerous Eye’s entrance.

“Scary Rhino is the Warper, White Ice is the Defender and Zany Panda is the Protector, we just have to find the Keeper.” Dangerous Eye proclaimed.

“We shall find them Dangerous Eye, do not worry.” Red Thunder assured.

More into the Plotline, and so quickly…it’ll all be explained soon, well thanks for reading this Mythical Monday! And remember, keep reading, keep blogging, keep playing and POP on!


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