Discord Chatbox


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Hey guys! Me, White Ice, and the other authors made a chat box on Discord, which is a site in which you can message, send pictures to, and voice chat with other poptropicans.

To join in the conversation, click here.

We have five channels!

#the-main – Just chat! Anything goes, but please keep it safe for kids.
#spammm – The place for spamming, memes, and more 
#artsy-people-here – Share your art here!
#what-is-my-life – Contact us if you have any trouble or suggestions. Just make sure to tag one of the POP authors.
#theories-glitches – Share any theories you have regarding Poptropica.
#fandoms-fandoms-fandoms– Discuss anything you obsess over like: books, movies, TV shows, games, etc.
#newsletterUnder construction.

Please do not Break any of the rules which are:

1. Please, keep it appropriate
2. No bullying and/or rude words
3. No spamming on #main
4: No causing outbreak on any channel
5: Please be considerate of everyone’s feelings. Do not annoy/frustrate anyone in anyway.

WARNING: You can get banned from breaking any of these rules You will receive a few warnings prior to a ban
There are two types of ban — temporal and permanent, so behave!

If you ever feel mistreated by a user or author, just contact via e-mail @peopleofpopblog@gmail.com! We’ll be happy to help! 🙂