Fashion Friday Week 9: Harry Potter Pt.2

Another revival of a weekly specials segment. Guess what it is! It’s in the title.

Guess I’m kind of out of it today…


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Ah yes, my favourite Weekly Specials segment! 😛 It’s my favourite because (almost) the whole team takes part in in. (sorry for the late post. I had an activity today.)

This week is a continuation of the most recent one we did, Harry Potter Pt.1. Let’s get right into it!

Zany Panda- Luna Lovegood

li.pngHair: Found in New You and is very common in common rooms. It’s one of the few costumizable hairs that look acceptable 😛

Lips: Is costumizable from any Poptropican and is also quite common. Check your friends’ closets!

Dress: Also found in New You, keep switching the outfits till you find it!

Sword: (an alternate wand) Can be found in the Store, the Amazonian Woman card, which costs 0 credits.

(She made this costume before she left)

Friendly Foot- Cho Chang


Hair: Can be found on the Gamer Girl card in the store, which costs 0 credits.

Smile: Found on any Poptropican! Any smile works too.

Scarf: Can be found on any Poptropican, or in the closet of rainbow2426.

Shirt and skirt: Also can be found on any Poptropican. The shirt can be found in the closet of slantedfish.

For easier access to this whole costume (except the hair) simply friend chochangpop10 and costumize.

Friendly Foot- Severus Snape

Hair: Keep switching the dummies on New You and get this hair.screenshot_83

Frown: Any frown works! Just make sure it’s the most displeased one you find.

Robes: Not sure where to find them, but they can be costumized from severussnapepop10.

Again, to make things easier, simply friend severussnapepop10 and costumize the whole costume.

Alright, that’s it for our Harry Potter costume line! Comment requests for future costume lines, and opinions on this one, down below! We appreciate feedback 🙂 We hope you  enjoyed this line and perhaps you guys can use these costumes some day!

Check out Harry Potter Pt. 1 here!
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Until next time,

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Fashion Friday Week 8: Harry Potter Pt 1

Hey guys! It’s White Ice, posting the Fashion Friday outfits instead of LJ for once, and it’ll probably stay that way 😛

And I promise, our blog is gonna really be active again, starting from this post.

Anyway, for this week, it’s one of my main fandoms, Harry Potter characters based on their attires in the movies 🙂 Since there were many costumes this week, mostly by Friendly Foot, we’re going to have 2 separate posts 😀 First post is the trio, second are other cool characters.

Friendly Foot: Harry Potter

Screenshot_757.pngHair: This hair, which is shaded better than the average Poptropican hair, is from Jack on Red Dragon Island, but is also costumizable from anyone you see in common rooms.

Glasses: Can be found on the girl next to the Photo Booth on Home island.

Shirt, Pants and Scarf: All are costumizable from other people, and the scarf is pretty popular among community poptropicans.

For easier access to everything, just friend harrypotterpop10 (Happy Moon, Friendly’s account). Everything is costumizable.

White Ice: Hermione Granger

Screenshot_666.pngHair: From ASG: *cloud*10 (if you don’t know how to perform an ASG, check this out!

Lips: ASG: gPopSinger101

Clothes: The jacket can be found on Spotted Dragon, just add her at ooolala13. The shirt, belt and pants(and jacket too) can be costumized from that costume in my closet. Add me at maryamkamal2197.

Stick: From ASG: WKF_ASG_Request1

Remember to change her hair to something similar to that shade!

Red Thunder: Ron Weasley

Screenshot_761.pngHead: Hair and freckles are both from New You, inside the shop on Home Island.

Jacket and pants: From the girl next to the Photo Booth on Home Island.

Any frown works!

Anyway, that’s it for this week’s line of costumes. Stay tuned for Harry Potter Costumes Part 2!

Until next time,

White Ice (Icey)