PHB’s Tribal Tournament: Artistic Athletes

Poptropica Tribes Graphic

Hey everyone! It’s Lucky Joker here– bringing you some news regarding PHB’s Tribal Tournament. I’m sure we’ve all heard about this wonderful event regarding Poptropica’s 27th island, the Poptropolis Games! Well now, there is a second round open for all of the artists in the Poptropica community– Artistic Athletes! In this round, you can send in all kinds of artwork such as, visual art, fan fictions, fashion designs and Realms! You can send in your artwork via many different outlets. You can contact them: by email (, through Twitter (@Poptropica_Help), or sending it in your tribe’s channel on the PHC. For more details on this exciting event, check out the PHB.

-Like you already haven’t😛

This is Lucky Joker saying, POP on!


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