The Sp00py Month of Sp00ptober

Hey guys! I’m sure you all have noticed the new sp00py halloween theme that the blog has.

… Or if you haven’t, get a new pair of glasses and look at the header and background above and around this post 😛

This theme change, is of course, because of upcoming Halloween, and it’ll be up until November 1st. (Excuse the badly-made header because of my absolutely spectacular Photoshop skills XD)

One of the ways we try to make our blog stand out is by changing our header&background whenever a big holiday/event comes around. In the past, we have done Poppies 2016 theme, and Tribal Tournament 2016 as well.

Do you enjoy these theme changes? We hope you do! What do you think of the absolutely sp00ptacular header for Halloween? 😀


8 thoughts on “The Sp00py Month of Sp00ptober

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