October’s islands of the month… (And Fail Fashion outfits)

Hey guys, it’s Cycopice. And as you’ve all heard, the Islands of the Month for October are….

Wait for it…

Drumroll please…

Aaaand here they are…

Monster Carnival Island and Mythology Island!

If you don’t know what Islands of the Month is, it’s basically two islands featured that earn you more credits during that month. For first-time finishers, you get 500 credits for playing these two islands, and for repeat-finishers(credits given once for each island only), you get 300 credits. Unfair for old Poptropicans, eh?

I didn’t like either of them. Monster Carnival was too simple(like most SUIs, unfortunately…) and Mythology was too… Uhm, basic I guess? I just didn’t like it. And maybe the Percy Jackson series put me off of Greek Mythology for a while(that series sucks, m8).

To be honest, I was quite surprised.

Since this month’s theme is Halloween (duh.), Monster Carnival was a pretty obvious choice (but they still could have chosen Zomberry, Ghost Story or Vampire’s Curse instead.). But Mythology? Maybe they want to educate little kids more. I don’t know. But still not really a great choice.

Anyway, if you wanna complete the islands, here are the official walkthroughs by Poptropica:

If you prefer a written walkthrough of Monster Carnivalcheck this out!

Anyway, anyone visited the store recently and found something new? I did! The new set of Fall Fashion outfits.


Ah yes, they’re very… Interesting, to say  the least.

Only 3 and 4(girls) seem worth buying (out of the girls’ ones). 3 because of the ombre hair, and that top looks slightly interesting, and 4 because of the headphones.

And look out for the new members-only items coming out soon! Unfortunately, I’m not a member. Sad life. Oh, and of course, the new Halloween items that the person in front of the store spoiled for us that are coming out next week! Isn’t that exciting?!  


What a spoiler! Shame on her! 

Has everyone made their halloween costumes yet? 😛

Would you buy any of them? Leave your opinions on both Islands of the Month and outfits below!

Until next time,

Cyclopice (Icey)



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