OS is here!!

Hoi, I’m Orange Shell, as most of you may know me by now. I prefer to be called OS or Seashell, that feels most comfortable. Wait, why I am I talking all proper?? Thing number 1 about me: I don’t talk like normal people. I’m country, so I go around saying ain’t like its an actual word. Which from where I come from, it is. Moving on. I’m honored to get to work on this amazing blog with these amazing people. I have played Poptropica since 2012, but I didn’t join from Funbrain, like some did. I actually got into Pop via friends who played. I couldn’t keep an account for a week, though. I love Pop and I am hoping to be a blogger for a while, hopefully for a few years.

You probably know who I am. I work on too many blogs. So I’m not gonna give the huge intro. Email me if you have any questions at orangeshell1@gmail.com . Also, crucial info about me: Warning: You are approaching a fangirl. Proceed with caution. Yeah, I’m a huge fangirl. Of all fiction books I’ve read. Fangirling is in my DNA, seriously. My birthday, July 31, well, if you are a fellow fandom crazed person, you can figure it out.

Now I’m starting to go crazy. I better go.

Seashell out!😎-

poptropican I need to change my Halloween costume of Katniss back to my regular outfit.


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