Hop… onto POP!


now Popping!

Waddup everyone! You may have seen me on the header, and the author list for a while now, but now it’s time to say hello!

I’m G-Hopper, and I’m glad glad glad (and yes that’s from ODI) to say that I’m POP’s newest author!

You can call me G, or simply my Poptropican’s name (Cuddly Brain). I play Minecraft, Pokemon Go, and Roblox, just to name a few games I also enjoy other than Poptropica. My favorite Poptropica island is rather Spy or Mythology, and my least favorites are Super Power and GHD (obviously!) I currently work on Clawtropica own a blog called the Brainy Pop Blog. My username on Poptropica is Wheze4 if you’d like to add me.


Here’s my Poptropican, just because.

I look forward to making more posts on this blog, bye for now!



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