Tribal Tournament: Tribal Thinkers!

poptribe thinkers

Hey guys! White Ice here. Another round of the Tribal Tournament has been announced! Another way to gain points! 😛 (I know, this post is a few days late. Sorry about that) 

Anyway, Tribal Thinkers is basically a list of trivia questions about Poptropica, some trivia questions about the current PHB authors, and also a collection of Stolen Snapshots by Slippery Raptor. The more you’re able to answer, the more points you’ll gain for your team!😀 Read the questions here.

Don’t forget, Artistic Athletes ends on 21st August, and so does Tribal Thinkers, so don’t forget to enter in your tribe’s channel (on discord)! The Medal Marathon ends on 24th.

Good luck, everyone! (Wildfire FTW!) 😛

Until next time,

White Ice


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