Nine Lives: Catch Mr. Fuzzypants

Hello Jokers! It’s Lucky Joker here! I’m posting, yet again, about an ad I saw on Poptropica Home Island. I won’t be doing much of these ad posts after this, unless, they come along with a pretty big update, or we need a new post on here! I’m blogging about this one because the actors/actresses in the movie are fantastic, and… I love cats! With that said, let’s POP into it!

This isn’t the first time we’ve seen the “Nine Lives” ad on Poptropica, but there are some new prizes to be earned! The first one we saw was a video/trailer ad and we earned the “Cat on the head” prize. Now, there is a game to be played, and two more prizes to collect! LUCKY LIKES PRIZES!!!


Upon going in, you’ll be given a pair of kitty cat ears that can only be worn in this room. It removes the eye item you are wearing, which is why I have not pictured it here. My eyes shall never been seen! Anyway, you’ll also see a few of the characters: Rebecca, Felix and Mr. Fuzzypants (aka Tom Brand). Click on Rebecca, and you’ll be led to a mini-game!


The object of the game is to run across the room, and to make sure you are not caught by Mr. Fuzzypants. You’ll have to jump over obstacles such as: trees, chairs, couches, boxes etc. Keep in mind, that couches and chairs are bouncy, and help you move further away from Mr. Fuzzypants. You also don’t run automatically, sou you’ll have to hold down on your mouse, and drag to the right of the screen.





At the end of the game, you’ll be rewarded with a “Cake Toss” power (just another card to annoy your friends, and your very own “Cat Follower”! So COOL!CatCat

There are also a few ads to their website. You can click any of the picture frames to get their! It’s pretty cool too! There are a few things to do like coloring, watch videos, browse through photos and watch the the trailer. It’s really cool because the site works like one of the 360° camera videos! Pretty neat!


From their website, they even have widgets to their Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter.


Nine Lives seems to be a pretty big deal, which makes me like the ad more. I definitely recommend checking it out. Also, as usual, the prizes are available for a limited time, so don’t forget to get them!

The film releases to the U.S. on the 5th of August! I might be considering to go see it myself…(No judgement please! :P)

Will you go and see Nine Lives in the theaters? Comment down Below! Until next time, POP on!


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