Nominated for the Poppies?!


Hello fellow Poptropicans! It’s Lucky Joker here with some exciting news! If you can’t already decipher what I am about to reveal among you all, by the title and our blog header, It’s time to inform you! The  People of Poptropica Blog has officially been nominated for “Best Active Fan-Site” for the 2016 Poptropica Award Show, “The Poppies”! How incredible is that!? I can’t even begin to express how thrilled and gobsmacked I am!  This means so much to the POP team and I. We have worked so hard for these past couple of weeks, to make this blog the best it possibly can be. We are a new blog and this is a huge opportunity for us, and we’re looking to captivate the “Best Active Fan-Site” title. It would be very much appreciated if you voted for us.


Please, please consider this when voting. Keep in mind, we are the newest Poptropica blog in the community, from what I am aware of, and this would be so beneficial to the furtherance of our blog! However, if we do not win the majority of the vote, we will not be discouraged, but rather encouraged! Encouraged to try harder and strive to do even better than before! Hey! There’s always next year. I also wanted to thank every single Poptropican who nominated us, from the bottom of my ❤. You all know who you are. I would also like to thank the POP team who stands beside me, virtually, to make this blog even possible. I am so grateful and appreciative of this phenomenal possibility given to us by the PHB. POP on and vote POP Blog! 😉

poppies 2016 i voted.png

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