Author: Dangerous Eye


My Poptropican is Dangerous Eye, but I am known as Yandari or Aria by most😀

A wild Yandari appears
Yandari uses Blogpost, Yandari stops and performs the love Baby Doll Eyes, mixed with Blogpost, you listen to her.

Hi Poptropicans, I am Yandari~Sama the newest author of the PoP blog :O I am a big time conspiracy theorist, and I think I should discovered. I think!

Anyway, what are some things about Yandari?

  1. I am a yandere
  2. I have over 2 Senpai’s
  3. I am acting like a Pokemon
  4. I love puns
  5. I am in a ship called Yandice, I wonder if you can guess that.
  6. I will be starting a segment called Miracle Monday’s, hopefully tomorrow
  7. I love theories! Send me yours, or comment: idk I’m new to this.
  8. I’m a tree pusher.
  9. I was asked out by a PoP author (you’ll find out tomorrow)
  10. I love you Poptropicans

So those are 10 quick facts about myself, I hope you love me. I was brought to the PoP blog by the legendary LJ, and I hope you he made the right decision.

I love you Poptropicans!! ~Yandari Sama signing out.


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