Inventory Items are all added?!


Hey guys! It’s White Ice over here. Today,  when I was just walking around Home Island, I looked in my inventory and realized that all the items that didn’t use to show up in my inventory on SUI islands were ALL IN THERE. IN MY INVENTORY. 

At first, when I checked again, those items disappeared. But later, after I had just come back from a multiverse room, they appeared again!


As you can see, some of the items are not loading properly, which suggests that process of adding the items is a little rocky, or it’s simply just a glitch. (I hope it doesn’t disappear again though.) Or maybe my wifi is just slow.😛

It’s been over 2 years since they added SUI islands and promised to add all our items to out SUI inventories. Until now, most of the items have not yet been added! (Except in some glitched moments, unless it’s official now) Which caused me to not be able to use my favourite items (you can’t use most of the handheld items, and you can’t even chew gum!) It’s one of the many reasons that I really didn’t like the SUI update (and I still don’t).😦

However, I hope the new Pop will make up for the SUI update fail, and if it doesn’t, well, I might not find Poptropica as interesting anymore.:)

Until next time,

White Ice


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